The New LUSH Easter Treat: Golden Egg

How many of you LUSHies out there have been listening to all of the rave about the new LUSH Easter product and LUSH invention called Golden Egg? LUSH claims that this bath product is a bath bomb melt, which means it fizzes up like a bath bomb but creates a rich, moisturizing, luxurious texture in your tub like a bath melt! I think it is quite unique… so I was super eager to try it! Here are some pictures of Golden Egg in the tub:


BOMB/MELT: Like I mentioned in the intro paragraph, this is a bath bomb AND a bath melt! It fizzes when you drop it in the hot water like a bath bomb, but it also releases a ton of moisturizing oils! The bath water then becomes a interesting color and is super oily.

SMELL: LUSH claims this product smells like honey and toffee. I think it smell like honey yogurt! To me, it has an odd dairy aroma (please tell me I am not the only one). But honestly, the smell is not strong at all and is quite relaxing!

WATER COLOR: The bath water turns a highlighter yellow color, which is a tiny downfall. It is pretty unattractive! I wish it was a bit more gold and not as fluorescent. The gold shimmer does help this unattractive yellow and makes the water more gold-ish!

GLITTER: As you can probably tell from the product, it is packed with GLITTER! Like there is a ton of it! It gets everywhere.. all over your hands and once you drain your tub, it is coated with a gold shimmer! But a major plus is that the glitter does NOT stay on your body!

INGREDIENTS: Here are the fresh ingredients in this handmade Bath Bomb Melt: olive oil, fair trade organic cocoa butter, sweet wild orange oil, bergamot oil, cornflour, and much much more! This product is also vegan.

Overall, I actually enjoyed trying out this LUSH product because it is innovative, new and extremely unique! Maybe LUSH will come out with a yearly Bath Bomb Melt if this one is successful! Lets keep our fingers crossed! Now onto some social media about the Golden Egg:


Both of these posts are from Facebook. The one on the left is from the LUSH Cosmetics Facebook page. This post is raving about Golden Egg (the first bath bomb melt)! The post on the right is from the LUSH Cosmetics Willowbrook Mall page! This post is showing a sneak peak of the LUSH Easter goodies that premiered in stores on March 24! This is a cool post because it highlights a ton of the Easter products!

P.S. – Have you entered the secret message from the LUSH Golden Egg hunt (only USA and Canada, I believe)! Do not miss out! Hurry, hurry because the entries end tonight! You could be one of the ten winners. The rules are here.

Square Hue 02.14 Collection

I LOVED my Square Hue polishes this month. They were unique and very innovative. The inspiration behind the February 2014 collection was Tokyo. This is also a part of The Passport Collection. If you do not know what Square Hue is, you can find more information here on their website. Basically, it is a monthly nail polish service for $15! It is a great deal for three, sturdy polishes. Here are pictures of my 02.14 Collection:



  • Roppongi – this is the name of the green glitter polish! I was so excited to see this color… it is awesome! Not a lot of nail polish collectors probably have such a light green in their collection that is infused with glitter. This is the first polish I wore from the three and really liked it!
  • Shibuya – this is the magenta micro glitter polish. I have not yet worn this one yet but it is so BEAUTIFUL! I love how vibrant the purple is. It just makes me want to smile! I think the micro glitter means that the glitter pieces are microscope compared to the glitter in Roppongi.
  • Ginza – lastly, this is the name of the blue shimmer polish! I have worn this one. It is very pretty and very smooth and creamy. I love the light shimmer aspect you get in the blue! I was also surprised by how long the polishes lasted without chipping!

What do you think of the Tokyo collection?

Indie Nail Lacquer

Since I am an avid reader of Nail It! (a magazine all about nail polish and nail polish trends), I decided that I should share some of my “indie nail polishes.” Indie nail polish is considered lacquer that is not mass produced and sold online, with either a small team or individual making it.

So far, my indie collection consists of two polishes:



  1. The one on the far left is from Digital Nails. The color i called Double Rainicorn (innovative title I know). This polish has a light gray base and is a jumble of many different types of glitter. The glitter ranges from small red tinsel to huge green sequins. I like this polish, but it is super hard finding the right color to go with this since it is kind of “out there.” If you wish to look more into this lacquer, you can find Digital Nails online at Etsy at They have a lot of really unique glitter colors !
  2. The second polish on the very right is from Lush lacquer. The sub title on the polish says it is a “unique nail polish.” This is very true hahah. This color is clowning around. It is a clear polish with many different sizes of rainbow lacquer. I actually think this color is extremely hard to put on your nails, you have to dab it rather than brush it on. This is a really unique glitter nail polish! I do not remember where I ordered this nail polish brand from, but I looked and you can purchase almost all of their collection online at ebay:

If you want to learn more about indie nail polish and the current indie fad, you can read more on it at (it is a GREAT nail polish magazine for all nail polish gurus)

Tata for now!

Glitter Nail Polish Fad

I am sure all of you have noticed the glitter nail polish trend escalating and what a trend it is! I am semi-proud to say that I am one of the glitter lovers. My most recent glitter manicure is pictured bellow:



This glitter mess is China Glaze- Full Spectrum: Prismatic. I love it. I like how the color is not to strong which allows the glitter to really pop. It also goes with every color which I love since I am a color fanatic. My philosophy: The more color, the better! To look at this color and more of China Glaze’s nail polish visit:

Back to the fad-ness, on Instagram, I follow the Los Angeles nail polish company, ncLA. Everyday they post many pictures of their new collections and fan based pictures. This polish especially caught my eye. Want to know why? gold + glitter = polish goodness. I love this color and it is on my list for my next ncLA purchases! To learn more about ncLA you can visit



ncLA nail lacquer- Bullion in a Bottle

ncLA also makes great nail wraps for those of you who are interested! I am not the biggest nail wrap fan because my nails are so short, but I know that is also another fad in the making! This is a link to their nail wraps:

Tata for now!