#LillyforTarget Extravaganza

#LillyforTarget OverviewYes, I was one of those crazy shoppers waiting in line outside of Target to snag my share of Lilly Pulitzer clothing and it was a mad house! I arrived around 7 AM and was 5th in line… the first group of girls arrived at 6 AM (that is determination). Luckily, my local Target is in a quaint, upstate town of New York – the perfect location compared to Targets down south. I sprinted into the store and grabbed all clothing in my sizes… there were only two racks for tons of people! Here are the vibrant outfits I was lucky enough to get!

The classic Lilly dresses with colorful fabrics and lace detail that were the first garments to fly off the racks! I especially love the hot pink and blue dresses. Bella Thorne wore the Fan Dance dress (on the left) to a press event celebrating #LillyforTarget.

I am in love with the navy fabric called Upstream! It is the perfect transition color from spring to summer. The lace coverup on the left has beautiful, gold details on the collar and the white lace top is very, very intricate (for only $32)!

The satin dress on the left in the Boom Boom print is incredibly comfy – the perfect summer outfit paired with a long necklace or belt. This dress does run a bit large… the small on me is equivalent to an oversized t-shirt! I also absolutely adore this romper in the print Happy Place. It really does bring a smile to your face with the warm, youthful colors and will partner nicely with a summer glow! This was the only romper from the collection and on of the hero pieces – when you think of #LillyforTarget, this comes to mind!

Did y’all get a chance to pick anything up on Sunday from #LillyforTarget? I would love to hear your shopping experience in the comments!

Lilly Pulitzer Social Media Extravaganza

Hello all! Today I decided to post about some of my social media favorites (again) from Lilly Pulitzer! For the Lilly virgins, Lilly Pulitzer is a women who started a juice stand in Palm Beach, Florida. To prevent juice stains, she started making sleeveless dresses out of colorful cotton. She started to sell more dresses and juice at this point. Lilly Pulitzer passed away last year but her designs still reign on. Lilly Pulitzer is now a colorful brand that focuses on beach wear and print designs.

For more information about Lilly Pulitzer history visit: http://www.lillypulitzer.com/content_slides.jsp?groupName=OurStory

Post #1: This was an Instagram post. (I believe I talked about another post that related to this contest in a blog post bellow) So this post was showing the results of a contest which wanted to know what were the most popular initials to put on their Marielle sweater design.  Reasons why I like this post are….

  • It really represents the company
  • It shows all of the letters actually on the sweater
  • The way the store folded the sweaters is very unique and innovative



Post #2: I really really love this Instagram post. I like how it puts together two social media mediums. In this case, it is a Instagram post that refers to an article on the company’s blog about working for Lilly. You could say that it also connects to twitter because f the hashtag #lillydreamjob. Their website actually has a page titled Dream Jobs that describes what a day consists of when working for Lilly Pulitzer (http://www.lillypulitzer.com/custserv/custserv.jsp?pageName=DreamJobs).



Post #3: This is another Instagram post (if you cannot tell by now, Lilly loves Insta). I like this post because it is very informational. The contents include…

  • Information about a upcoming contest (even provides exact dates)
  • Reasons for the contest (Lilly’s Birthday)
  • How to enter the contest (steps)

Other companies also use this form of medium to introduce contests through social media. (ncLA, Ray-ban, etc.)



Post #4: Unlike the other posts, this one is from Facebook. I love this posts because it relates to my other passion, travel. Especially in Florida, which is one of the most tropical states in the United States. This post is also very important because it is…

  • Historical to Lilly Pulitzer
  • First location of Lilly Pulitzer
  • Shows how to dress in style in the Lilly Pulitzer mother land

I have never been to Palm Beach, but I have been to other areas of Florida so I am sure it is beautiful.



Post #5: This post is very similar to the one above because it is also a Facebook posts that talks about travel. Again, this is another destination in Florida, Key West. I actually have a more personal connection to this post than the one above because I have been to Key West multiple times. This is a good posts because it replicates other travel posts from Lilly, it provides a guide to secret spots around the island of Key West and it represents their brand well because it is in Florida.



To finish off this post, I wanted to show y’all a picture of my mom and I wearing Lilly Pulitzer in Key West, Florida earlier this year! (if only we had this awesome travel guide while we were there)


Tata for now! I bet everyone in the North is wishing they were vacationing in Florida around this time of year 🙂