Skin Drink Review

So this is going to be my last facial moisturizer review post! The final moisturizer that I have tried from LUSH and have not yet reviewed is, Skin Drink! This is a great facial moisturizer because of how hydrating and moisturizing it is during the long winter season. I actually have not used this moisturizer as long as my other LUSH ones but so far, I like it:



TEXTURE: This is a super heavy facial moisturizer. Much heaver than Skin’s Shangri La in my opinion. I really like the heaviness though because that is what one needs during the dry winter months! Especially with New York’s winter… it has been very very dry. I would not suggest using this heavy of a moisturizer in the summer… only if you really suffer from extreme dryness.

SMELL: Skin Drink has a very unique smell! It is different from other LUSH moisturizers. To me, this one has a more earthy and fresh aroma. It reminds me of a wheatgrass smoothie from Jamba Juice! I like this though because it stands out from the others.

SKIN TYPE: Like I said above, this product is best for people who suffer from dryness. I would not recommend it for anyone who has acne prone or oily skin. It would be way to oily and hydrating for ya!

INGREDIENTS: The fresh, cruelty free ingredients in this product are rose petal infusion, sesame oil, fresh avocado, almond oil, aloe vera extract and so so so much more! This product is really packed with avocado and aloe vera!

PRICE: I love love LOVE the price of this moisturizer. It is well worth your money! Only $23!! That really is a great price for a fresh LUSH facial moisturizer.

Have you tried Skin Drink?! I have friends who swear by it in the winter time!

Here is a recent social media post from the LUSH fresh cleansers campaign on their LUSH Facebook Page:

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 8.20.24 PM

Skin’s Shangri La Moisturizer

Hello all! I am sorry for not posting yesterday… Tuesdays are my super busy school days! To continue with the facial cleansers theme, I wanted to review one of my favorite moisturizers from LUSH, Skin’s Shangri La! What a cool name huh?! Here are pictures of my pot:



SKIN TYPE: This is a great moisturizer for dry skin. I use it almost daily and it works wonders for me! According to LUSH, this moisturizer is best for “mature faces.” I am not sure what they mean by mature… but this moisturizer does work well on my dry face!

SMELL: I love the smell of this moisturizer. It is very sweet compared to other LUSH creams. To me, it smells like vanilla bean! Hahah very specific, I know!

TEXTURE: This is a very very very heavy moisturizer! It is also pretty thick. But, do not let this thickness discourage you! I hate oozy-gooey thickness all over my face. It does not feel like that at all! It is just a little more luxurious than the lighter LUSH moisturizers!

FRESH INGREDIENTS: Like every post and all LUSH products, here are some of the fresh ingredients in this moisturizer: fresh wheatgrass, cold pressed almond oil, Queen of Hungary water, cold pressed jojoba oil and much much more!

This is actually my second pot! I wanted to show you my first pot of this moisturizer because the color is very different! It is very pink toned compared to my pot above. Here was my second pot of Skin’s Shangri La:


Have you tried this moisturizer yet?!

Light LUSH Facial Moisturizers

Hello all! Another busy day here trying to get my room all together plus an abundant about of homework! Today, I wanted to talk about two of my favorite LUSH facial moisturizers. These two are both super light and really, really work wonders! Here is the first moisturizer, Vanishing Cream:



This is LUSH’s super light moisturizer for oily and combination skin types. I have pretty dry skin and this moisturizer does a great job eliminating oil from my t-zones. It does not irritate my dry skin at all. This is about my fourth pot of this stuff… It is my favorite moisturizer for the summer! Here are the fresh ingredients in this product: witch hazel, lavender and grape seed oil! I am sure there is a lot more in this cream but these are the main/featured ingredients. The smell is also very mellow compared to other LUSH moisturizers.

Here is the second light moisturizer from LUSH, Celestial:



Unlike Vanishing Cream, this one is made for dry, sensitive skin types. I really like using this moisturizer. This is my first pot of this facial cream so I am not sure how well the long term effects are. Although, I really enjoy how light and airy this feels once you put it on! It is really a great daily moisturizer. Here are some of the featured ingredients in this product: vanilla water, almond milk and orchid extract! This moisturizer does not have a super strong smell at all. It smells like how it feels!

Have you tried any of these moisturizers?! What is your favorite summer cream?! As you can probably tell, I am so ready for summer and done with this snowy/freezing weather!