Gumback Express Shower Smoothie

How many of you LUSHies out there know a lot about the LUSH Retro collection?! Well it is only available online and is home to about a few dozen retired LUSH products! They are all pretty great! I like the collection because they have products that are out of the box and super unique. Like Gumback Express Shower Smoothie:



SMOOTHIE: A LUSH shower smoothie is a creamy body wash that is normally exfoliating. It is like a luxurious shower gel! I just rub Gumback all over my body and do not use a wash cloth!

AROMA: I was really excited to get this product because I love bananas and almonds! It smells a bit like banana but more like almonds! I liked the smell but it took me a while to get used to it! I would suggest it for anyone who is a fan of banana or nut smells.

MOISTURE: This is a super moisturizing shower product! It really works wonders on dry skin because it exfoliates and hydrates! Even though it works for my sensitive, dry skin, I think it really would be a great shower treat for all skin types!

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients in this smoothie are bananas, apricot oil, almond oil, ground almond shells, orange blossom, honey and more! Wow… all of these ingredients together sound wonderful! Just like Gumback!

RETRO: Like I said in the first paragraph, this product is a part of the LUSH Retro collection which means that it is only online. Also, sometimes they are out of stock on some Retro products but they do get them back in stock fairly quickly!

Overall, I would suggest Gumback Express to any LUSH fanatic who adores taking long, luxurious showers! It really makes for a great lather, exfoliation, and hydration! Great for this long winter… we still have a foot of snow on the ground here in NY. Let me know if you have tried this LUSH shower smoothie or any of their other ones! I found a cool  post from LUSH describing the characteristics of a shower smoothie which you can find here! Check it out!

Sandy Santa Review

Hello al! I am starting off this lovely day with a LUSH holiday review! Like I said in one of my latest posts, I have so many LUSH holiday products that I still need to review! This is one of them! The reason why it is in a LUSH bag is because I got Sandy Santa in a gift box!

Here are some product images:




  • Many uses – this sugar scrub lasts a long long time! Unlike other scrubs, this one does not immediately disintegrate once it touches water. I used it in the bath and was surprised at how much product was left over after one use! It looks brand new still!
  • Great exfoliation – this exfoliates like all other sugar scrubs from LUSH. It is very very abrasive. This might be to strong for some, but it is just right for me! It really eliminates all the dead skin. Great product to use before you shave.


  • A bit red – I cannot think of any negatives about this product except that it makes your skin a bit red when using it because of his little santa hat! Other than that, there really isn’t anything bad about Sandy Santa!

Overall, I love this holiday product from LUSH. Their sugar scrubs are great and this one is definitely an exception! It lasts a long time and exfoliates well! Unfortunately, this scrub is not available because it was a holiday product. But I am sure they will come out with something like it this year! Let me know if you have tried Sandy Santa!