“Our Values are in Our Products” – LUSH Campaign

This month LUSH is celebrating their company values with a beautiful digital campaign. You have probably seen it if you were on the LUSH USA website recently:

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 9.36.15 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-05 at 9.36.22 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.22.26 PM

I adore the image that highlights products and values. This is a very creative campaign that really strikes the core concepts and objectives of LUSH. I will be taking my favorite products, writing a mini review, and talking about how they fit into a certain value based off of this image:

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.22.34 PM

NAKED!: Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo is the perfect NAKED product example since it does not have any packaging or waste attached to it. Once it is used up, it is GONE! No debris. I really enjoy Ultimate Shine because of its simple but elegant aroma. This bar is packed with ylang ylang oil, violet leaf absolute, and gardenia extract. Plus, it has a little shimmer!


100% VEGETARIAN: Honey I Washed The Kids Soap is a LUSH trademark. It smells wonderful, lathers incredibly, and hydrates. The main ingredients are beeswax, sweet wild orange oil, aloe vera extract, and bergamot oil. All LUSH products are 100% vegetarian because they avoid anything that relies on animal manufacturing. LUSH is especially proud of the glycerin in their soaps since it is from American soy beans and NOT animal fat.


FRESHEST COSMETICS: As you can tell by now, LUSH cares about using ethical and environmentally friendly ingredients. But they also care about fresh cosmetics. Most LUSH products have an expiration date because they are free of preservatives and other chemicals that help store products. The freshest LUSH products are the famous face masks. Love Lettuce is one I used recently that contains honey, almond oil, ground almond shells, ground almonds, and lavender oil (no lettuce surprisingly). Face masks are so fresh they need to be stored in a refrigerator!


FIGHTING ANIMAL TESTING: LUSH has many campaigns, awards, and activities for fighting against animal testing. Obviously, LUSH products are not animal tested nor do they use ingredients that harm animals. They use cell testing and 3D human skin models to determine if a product is safe. The Emotional Brilliance makeup line LUSH developed includes eye liner, lipsticks, mascara, eyeshadows, and skin tints that are 100% LUSH acceptable. Wise is a deep olive eyeliner from this collection.


HANDMADE: All LUSH products are handmade with love by real people. They even put stickers on the back of products saying who it was made by and when. Each bath bomb, melt, and bubble bar are unique. Bathos is a bubble bar I used from the Retro Collection that contains violet leaf absolute, rose absolute, jasmine absolute, and ylang ylang oil. It makes a perfect bubble bath!


ETHICAL BUYING: LUSH makes sure their suppliers have similar values such as no animal testing, protecting the environment, and creating a positive impact. They buy ingredients from small scale producers rather than mass producers. The Ro’s Argon Body Conditioner is the example LUSH used and the example I will use. This is a lovely product that smells of luxurious roses and conditions your body. The rose oil is from Turkey and the capuacu butter is from Brazil.


LUSH Social Media Favorites

Happy Tuesday! Today is a crowded day for me with my 4 courses all about communication. But I love it! To celebrate these 4 classes coming to an end, I thought it would best fit to do a social media post on classic LUSH social media mediums.

Post #1: I thought this post was quite clever because it takes LUSH out of the cosmetics industry and places it in the food/vegan field. It is also very timely because this was posted around the prime time of the fall season, October. Another timely factor, was that it was posted on World Vegan Day! What a great, great media idea! Fun fact; I actually made the cookies and loved them! Vegan really is not that bad! This was an Instagram post.



Post #2: This is also another post that includes many factors. To start, this post was through Facebook and connects to the LUSH blog (which was a very innovative post by the way). Other than the medium, this post targeted many of the LUSH values. First, fair trade vanilla absolute which relates to the company’s ethical campaigns. Second, it talks about a seasonal (Christmas) product, Bombardino and the qualities it has because of the vanilla absolute. The graphic in the post also enhanced the awareness when scrolling through your Facebook feed.



Post #3: This is another Instagram post that relates to the value of “fresh” from LUSH. This is a picture of the fresh wheatgrass thriving in one of the LUSh kitchens. I thought this was very credible and unique from other posts because it shows the other side of the product, the compounders view. It is also innovative that the company used Emoji’s to enhance the quirky quality of LUSH.



I am curious to know if y’all like the social media fav posts. Let me know in a comment below. For those haul lovers, I will be posting a MAJOR holiday LUSH haul very soon and also the new LUSH book review, Danger: Cosmetics-To-Go with highlights of some of my favorite pages.

Tata for now!


I have always been pretty interested in beauty products. All of the different textures, smells, and packaging make each beauty product and company truly unique. Although, there is one company that has changed my view on the entire beauty industry and even some of my political views, LUSH. I got into LUSH a few years ago but never really looked into the companies values. Their values are centered on the aspects of fresh, clean, sustainable, and all natural.

Since becoming a LUSH fanatic, I have created a new love for local, fresh beauty products. LUSH buys all of their products straight from the local farmers which they call, ethical buying. This prevents giant companies controlling that specific industry, but most importantly, it allows LUSH to know exactly where there ingredients originate. A quote from a LUSH buyer states, “We can see the dawn of a new type of buying. Imagine ingredients where you aren’t just minimizing your negative impact, or adding a bit of extra money for a poor farmer…”

This is just a mini preview of the weekly blog entries I will be posting. I plan on writing a post each week about LUSH and how it continues to support charities, animal rights, and other values. But some weeks I will post product reviews, recommended products, product innovations and more!

Leave a comment about your favorite thing about LUSH! Don’t be shy!

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