Retro Blindness – LUSH Hair Products

Do you know what the LUSH Retro Collection is? It is a range of retired products that debut for a short period of time online. They range from shower smoothies to soap. You cannot smell them before hand. You cannot feel them before hand. You order the product based on reviews, ingredients, and the obvious. You go in blind.

Ibiza Party Shampoo & Superbalm Scalp Treatment:

Ibiza is a scalp soothing shampoo for all hair types. I normally go for hair care that helps my scalp since it is quite dry. This shampoo is also gentle, moisturizing, and aids with color protection (especially for blondes). I liked Ibiza, except my thick hair hated it. I got more tangles than normal. I heard that Superbalm partners well with Ibiza because they soothe and tame the scalp. Superbalm is infused with rose wax, lavender oil, chamomile blue oil, and rose absolute. Wax and oil are the primary components, which makes a slimy, gooey, oily mixture that takes a miracle to wash out. I am NOT a Superbalm fan. In fact, I do not think I will ever be.


Okra Conditioner:


Okra reminds me of gumbo (cajun soup) and fried okra (heaven on earth). I enjoy the smell and the unique texture of this strange vegetable. Okra revives damaged hair by softening strands, creating shine, and toning the scalp. It is best for hair that is REALLY damaged either by color treatments or heat (mine gets a bit fried from coloring). Now to the review – Okra smells terrible. The smell is incredibly strong with a major hint of vinegar. It burns. Conditioning is the last task this product does. It leaves hair dry and tangly. I would only recommend this product for people who need a major boost!

P.S. – Who do you think will win tonight’s #WorldCup matches? Greece and Columbia are my bets! Eos sure has some favorites!

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.10.14 PM

Cinco de Ocean Salt

Who celebrated Cinco de Mayo?! Many, many companies did over social media! Cinco de Mayo is mainly celebrated in the U.S. and Mexico. It is always on May 5th and recognizes the historical connections between the two countries. Here are some of my favorite social media Cinco de Mayo posts:

eos – I love eos balms! They are so cute… and these mustaches make them even more adorable (mustaches seem to be so popular)! Eos did a phenomenal job promoting their product in a festive light.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 5.55.32 PM

kate spade – kate spade hit two birds with one stone. They created a post that celebrated Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby! What a smart idea. I also love how they incorporated their blog into the post. The term “Cinco de Derby” is pretty smooth and catchy!


LUSH Cosmetics LUSH posted a Cinco de Mayo DIY! They created a post that shows how to create a “LUSHious piñata!” What an adorable idea. What would you fill a LUSH piñata with?! Share in the comments!

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 5.54.31 PM

I ended with LUSH since it is the perfect transition into my Ocean Salt product review! I love this scrub. It can be used for the face or body and smells strongly of lime vodka- very Cinco de Mayo if you ask me!

IMG_4245Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 7.22.42 PMIMG_4246

AROMA: This product is heavenly! You can smell the limes, grapefruits, and vodka immediately after you open the pot! I enjoy the smell and think it is one of the more acceptable and likable smells from LUSH. It is very popular!

DUO USE: Ocean Salt is a face and body scrub. I have heard of many LUSHies using it on their face and loving it! That is not me. I only use this scrub on my body because my eyes and skin are very sensitive to salt. Hence the name, Ocean Salt has a ton of salt in it!

EXFOLIATION: Similar to BIG Shampoo from LUSH, Ocean Salt has a ton of salt that exfoliates the skin. It is a soft exfoliation and not to irritating or harsh. Ocean Salt is the perfect product to use when shaving (but watch out for cuts with the salt – ouch)!

COLOR: As you can see from the LUSH Facebook post, Ocean Salt has a beautiful top layer of light blue. Once you reach the bottom of the pot or mix the product, it turns into a light, creamy color! The cream color still has a lot of salt and smells the same! I wish the entire product was blue… but oh well.

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this popular LUSH product are fine sea salt, fresh grapefruit infusion, fresh lime extracted in vodka, coarse sea salt, fresh avocado butter, and much more! From the description of the ingredients, one could probably tell this product is very similar to the popular Mexican drink, the margarita! Ocean Salt comes in two sizes and is not vegan.

I LOVE Ocean Salt. I always have a pot of it in my bathroom. I just finished this one (it looks very loved, doesn’t it?). Share your thoughts on Ocean Salt in the comments! Happy Cinco de Mayo !