“Our Values are in Our Products” – LUSH Campaign

This month LUSH is celebrating their company values with a beautiful digital campaign. You have probably seen it if you were on the LUSH USA website recently:

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 9.36.15 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-05 at 9.36.22 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.22.26 PM

I adore the image that highlights products and values. This is a very creative campaign that really strikes the core concepts and objectives of LUSH. I will be taking my favorite products, writing a mini review, and talking about how they fit into a certain value based off of this image:

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.22.34 PM

NAKED!: Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo is the perfect NAKED product example since it does not have any packaging or waste attached to it. Once it is used up, it is GONE! No debris. I really enjoy Ultimate Shine because of its simple but elegant aroma. This bar is packed with ylang ylang oil, violet leaf absolute, and gardenia extract. Plus, it has a little shimmer!


100% VEGETARIAN: Honey I Washed The Kids Soap is a LUSH trademark. It smells wonderful, lathers incredibly, and hydrates. The main ingredients are beeswax, sweet wild orange oil, aloe vera extract, and bergamot oil. All LUSH products are 100% vegetarian because they avoid anything that relies on animal manufacturing. LUSH is especially proud of the glycerin in their soaps since it is from American soy beans and NOT animal fat.


FRESHEST COSMETICS: As you can tell by now, LUSH cares about using ethical and environmentally friendly ingredients. But they also care about fresh cosmetics. Most LUSH products have an expiration date because they are free of preservatives and other chemicals that help store products. The freshest LUSH products are the famous face masks. Love Lettuce is one I used recently that contains honey, almond oil, ground almond shells, ground almonds, and lavender oil (no lettuce surprisingly). Face masks are so fresh they need to be stored in a refrigerator!


FIGHTING ANIMAL TESTING: LUSH has many campaigns, awards, and activities for fighting against animal testing. Obviously, LUSH products are not animal tested nor do they use ingredients that harm animals. They use cell testing and 3D human skin models to determine if a product is safe. The Emotional Brilliance makeup line LUSH developed includes eye liner, lipsticks, mascara, eyeshadows, and skin tints that are 100% LUSH acceptable. Wise is a deep olive eyeliner from this collection.


HANDMADE: All LUSH products are handmade with love by real people. They even put stickers on the back of products saying who it was made by and when. Each bath bomb, melt, and bubble bar are unique. Bathos is a bubble bar I used from the Retro Collection that contains violet leaf absolute, rose absolute, jasmine absolute, and ylang ylang oil. It makes a perfect bubble bath!


ETHICAL BUYING: LUSH makes sure their suppliers have similar values such as no animal testing, protecting the environment, and creating a positive impact. They buy ingredients from small scale producers rather than mass producers. The Ro’s Argon Body Conditioner is the example LUSH used and the example I will use. This is a lovely product that smells of luxurious roses and conditions your body. The rose oil is from Turkey and the capuacu butter is from Brazil.


Believe – A Good Word for Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone is having a phenomenal day and eating tons of Easter goodies! One of my favorite parts of Easter is to see what everyone is wearing… I am a huge fan of dresses, pastel colors, bright lips, and so on! Easter fashion is pretty great. For this post, I want to do a review on the lip color I wore this Easter from the LUSH Cosmetics Emotional Brilliance line, Believe! 



COLOR: As you can tell, this is a beautiful pink shade that has a nice coral undertone. LUSH claims that this color is a “raspberry-pink matte.” I semi agree. This lipstick makes your lips quite pink, but not a raspberry shade. I believe it is more of a orange-pink. This color is also considered matte since it does not have any sparkles in it.

LONG-WEAR: Once you put this lipstick on, it takes a while to come off! Super, super long wear. It also stains your lips. So when the color does wear off, the lips are stained pink. It is very pretty. I like to put on a moisturizing lip balm before I apply Believe because it makes the product more like a lipstick rather than a stain.

BELIEVE: Emotional Brillance is an awesome collection that LUSH created. The concept of this make up line is great because rather than being objective and just makeup without any meaning, LUSH has made is subjective. Each product within the collection has a special meaning tied to a characteristic. Obviously, this lip stick is called Believe and insures that “you believe in yourself and you can achieve anything that you desire!”

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this lipstick are primarily safe synthetics. Although, there are a few natural products. These are jojoba oil, candelilla rose wax, and rose wax. All of the Emotional Brilliance lipsticks have these three natural ingredients I believe.

Have you tried any of the Emotional Brilliance make up products from LUSH? Here is an awesome store set up of the Emotional Brilliance line in the LUSH Lexington store in NYC:


Light Pink Color Supplement – LUSH

Hello all! I am so excited because I have less than two days until break! I am super thrilled and happy that I am going to Houston. So I will be out of this polar-vortex in New York! So today I wanted to do a recommended review on the Light Pink Color Supplement from LUSH Cosmetics:



COLOR: This is a beautiful light pink color supplement. It matches my face perfectly… I really do not have to do any else when I use this as a foundation. It can be used in many ways. I have seen it mixed with moisturizers to form a BB cream, as a concealer to cover blemishes and finally, the way I use it, as a foundation!

TEXTURE: I love this product also because of the texture. It is not to to to light but also not to heavy! It is the perfect consistency for usage on the face because it is not cake-y but heavy enough to cover blemishes and problem areas.

SKIN TYPE: This is a great color for people who have pink toned skin with rosy cheeks. My skin is quite fair and it blends in nicely. I also do add a powder over my face to set this color supplement! Additionally, it works wonders on my dry skin. I have not encountered any breakouts from this product! The other colors that they offer in their supplements are: Dark Pink, Light Yellow, Dark Yellow, and  Jackie Oats.

INGREDIENTS: Here are some of the ingredients in this product: fresh rose infusion, soya oil and rice bran. Those are the three main ones with the featured ingredient being the fresh rose infusion. These are the same ingredients in all of the LUSH color supplements.

Have you tried any of the LUSH color supplements? If so, how do you use them?

Eyes Right – LUSH Mascara

So I have been getting a lot of requests to do a review on the LUSH mascara, Eyes Right. I think this is a product that you should definitely read a review about before committing to it. Unfortunately, Eyes Right is not at all what I thought it would be! Here is a picture of the product and a picture of the wand:



CLUMPY: I was a bit disappointed in the mascara because it is so so so so super so clumpy! I have a difficult time putting this on my lashes. I do not know if my eyes are too small or if I am not applying it correctly. To me, it is a bit to harsh and clumps on my eyelashes. Although, do not let this discourage you from trying it out if you are really interested! I have read some great reviews about this product!

COLOR: The color of the mascara is very nice. It is super black! If you love jet black mascara then this is definitely for you! Personally, I do not go for the blackest-black. Although, it is a beautiful deep black shade.

BRUSH: The brush looks like a usual mascara brush. The problem is that the mascara clumps to the brush. It is really hard to apply since you basically have a brush full of gooey product. I wish the formula was more liquid rather than gooey.

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this mascara are fresh wheatgrass, japan wax, water and a few more! The price of this product is near $19! LUSH also claims that it is a great deal since you are buying 5 grams of mascara while drug store mascaras hold 1-2 grams.

Overall, I use this mascara when I want a dark, black, sexy look! I do not use it daily but probably more like monthly! I was a bit disappointed with the clumpy product and the application process. But hey, everyone has a different opinion! If you have tried this product, let me know what you thought about it!


Lexington NYC LUSH Haul

So I am in a good mood today and decided it was time for my next LUSH haul post! I am a huge LUSHie (if you cannot already tell by now). I spend most of my money on LUSH products. I really do not buy any other products… except for maybe nail polish! But this is it. Plus, I have a goal to review every LUSH year round product and recent holiday products on this blog! So here is one of my most recent major LUSH hauls from LUSH Lexington in NYC (I got all of thee products when I went to the Spa, you can see that blog post here):



  • King of Skin butter bar – I LOVE this product. This is actually a re-purchase for me. It is a shower must!
  • Sandstone soap – this is an awesome citrus exfoliating soap. I have already tried this product in the bath and have a new love.
  • Sikkim Girls Perfume – I have never tried one of LUSH’s Gorilla Perfumes. I thought it was about time! I got the smallest size in the Sikkim Girls scent. It also came in a really cute collectible jar. A review is on the way for this!
  • Demon in the Dark soap – I have never tried a full bar of this soap (only samples). I had to get a small sliver because it is retiring this year! Get it NOW if you like or want to try this product!
  • Tender is the Night massage bar – I have already done a review on this LUSH Valentines product. You can find that blog post here.
  • Eau Roma water toner – I just did a review about my Breath of Fresh Air toner. This is the next toner I decided to purchase from LUSH! Really excited to start using it.
  • Flying Fox shower gel – So this was an impulse… I recently just got into the LUSH shower gels. I just finished The Olive Branch (sad day)! But this is a great jasmine infused shower product! Cannot wait to review it!
  • Wise eye shadow – This is a product from the Emotional Brilliance line. Strangely, mine is not an eye shadow applicator but an eye liner one! And I love it… the LUSH sales lady talked me into it! I wear it quite often.
  • Aqua Mirabilis butter bar – This is very similar to the Buffy bar (which was my first LUSH product by the way). I like this… but it is supper nutty – you definitely have to like nuts to like this shower bar!
  • Lord Misrule bath bomb – I just had to get another one… I know this one was also in my last haul but I love it so much and it is retiring soon! I will be doing a review on this very soon!
  • Dream Time temple balm – The LUSH temple balms are only available at LUSH Spa locations. I was so happy to see this at the store! I got the Dreamtime scent which is very similar to the Dream Time bath melt. They also had Whoosh for the other scent.
  • Light Pink skin tint – This is a skin product from the Emotional Brilliance line. I actually am surprised that I cannot find this online at the LUSH USA store. I am in LOVE with this skin tint. I will do a review soon!

This was a super fun LUSH haul because I purchased many products which I normally would not try! Lots of newbies here! Let me know if you have tried any of these products?! What have you gotten in your recent LUSH haul?!

Feeling Younger Skin Tint

How many of y’all have tried any products from the Emotional Brilliance line?! Well I have really gotten into trying all the different liquid lipsticks, eye products and skin tints. Feeling Younger Skin Tint is a creamy, shiny tint that you can put any where on your face as a highlight! It adds lots of shimmer and helps to brighten your face.

Here are some pictures of my Feeling Younger:


SHIMMER: This is a fabulous highlighter for all skin types. I use it around my eyebrows and under my eyes. I do not use it everyday… but I have started to use it a lot more in this snow apocalypse in New York! But it is great because the shimmer/luster does not stick out like a sore thumb. It mixes really well into your skin and brightens it!

VEGAN: This product is VEGAN! This probably makes all you Vegan lovers happy! I am shocked that makeup products can be Vegan now… I just started a gluten-free diet so I can feel some of the pain to find Vegan items! This skin tint and the Charisma skin color are the only Vegan ones in the Emotional Brilliance Skin line.

INGREDIENTS: Of course, all LUSH products have the freshest ingredients! Feeling Younger has Orange Flower Water, Oatmeal Decoction, Water, Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oil. Remember, if you are wondering about any of the LUSH ingredients you can look them up in the LUSHopedia! It is a great dictionary filled with all the LUSH ingredients and their backgrounds (where they buy them, are they vegan, who makes it, what products they are in, etc.)

CAKEY: The only down side of Feeling Younger for me is that it is super “cakey” sometimes on my face… If you apply moisturizer, foundation and then this skin tint it does not work out well! According to LUSH, you should put on your moisturizer, Feeling Younger and then any other color supplements!

Overall, I really enjoy this skin tint! It was one of my first purchases from the Emotional Brilliance line! I love that I can use it anywhere on my face to brighten up my day! I suggest using this skin tint with any of the LUSH moisturizers/color supplements! This product is $18.95 and lasts forever! A little goes a long long way!

Have you tried any of the skin products from the Emotional Brilliance line?!

Mohegan Sun LUSH Haul

How many of you bloggers have ever been to the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut?! Well it is a completely different world there. I went with my mom to a Luke Bryan concert there and had a BLAST! I even went shopping at LUSH after the concert… we walked out of the venue at 11:35 right to the LUSH entrance… and it was OPEN! I was baffled! Shopping at LUSH at midnight?! It was a dream come true. I dragged my mom into the store and got these goodies:



  • Chocolate Whipstick lip balm – this stuff is AMAZING. Definitely one of my favorite LUSH products. Review to come very soon!
  • Skin Drink moisturizer – I have been looking for this product forever… they are always sold out in NYC. Excited to try this on my dry face!
  • Perspective lip stick – this is a great color. I have been wearing it daily since I purchased it! This liquid lip stick is a part of the Emotional Brilliance line.
  • Figs and Leaves soap – my goal is to try all of the year round LUSH soaps. I have not yet tried this one yet but it smells great!
  • Dragon’s Egg bath bomb – I have not purchased this bath bomb in a while! Really excited to do a review on this one!
  • Lord of Misrule bath bomb – this is an all time favorite of mine… I got this around Halloween and loved it so much I had to repurchase! Will definitely be doing a review on this before they are sold out! Remember, this bath bomb is only limited edition!
  • SMAPLE – Handy Gurugu hand cream – I am not a big hand cream person so I decided to sample this one before I buy the large pot if I like it!

So this was an awesome way to end an already great concert and day! I love LUSH and anytime I see one I have to go in and meet the sales associates and talk LUSH! Here is the beautiful store in the middle of the bustling casino with my mom in front and the lovely ladies who helped me out (sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry – my camera lens was dirty!):



And… for those of you who are Luke Bryan fans… he threw a phenomenal concert! One of the best I have ever ever seen! Check him out! He really knew how to get a crowd excited:



If you wish to learn more about LUSH Cosmetics at the Mohegan Sun Casino you can visit their Facebook page here. What concerts have y’all been to recently?!

LUSH Style Red Lips

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I think it is appropriate to do a post about my recent Emotional Brilliance purchase, Decisive! Emotional Brilliance is the makeup line from LUSH that has lip, eye and skin products. I love this line. I have a couple of items from it and every time I purchase something new, I LOVE the line even more.

Here are some images of my Decisive:



COLOR: this is a beautiful red shade. LUSH has a few different reds. According to LUSH this one is, “pin-up, vintage cherry red that is bold and vivid in color.” I think this is a great description because it is a bold red but also has a light shimmer to it! This color also goes well with my hair and skin tone! It is not to to TO red but more of a blue-ish red.

WEAR: the liquid lip stick lasts a long long long time. If you do not apply any balm before hand then it is almost like a lip tint! I always apply balm before hand because it makes the lip color more water-y and not to strong. LUSH suggests Ultrabalm (which is my staple LUSH product).

TASTE: this product has zero taste… there is nothing sickening or scrumptious in the lip color once applied! I would just watch out for your teeth. My lip color does spread and get onto my front teeth. If you are planning to wear this color all day, keep checking your teeth!

FRESH INGREDIENTS: since it is from LUSH of course it is cruelty free and composed of many fresh ingredients! The base for the whole Emotional Brilliance line is the balm, Ultrabalm (linked above). The fresh ingredients present in Decisive are: Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax and Rose Wax.

Have you used any lip colors from Emotional Brilliance?!


So since I am feeling a bit down today, I thought that it was time for a wonderful haul post! I went shopping at the LUSH in Herald Square, NYC about two weeks ago. I got a bunch of goodies! Some I have used and some I am still waiting to use!

Here is the haul:



  • Blackberry bath bomb – I have not tried this bath ballistic in a while. It was actually one of the first bath bombs created by Cosmetics-To-Go that branched over to LUSH! It is a classic blackberry scent (which I adore) with a hidden message in the center! I cannot wait to review this bath bomb.
  • Porridge soap – I have never ever tried this soap! The sales lady helping me talked me into it! It does smell great and looks like it even has an exfoliating texture. I got a brand new slice from the huge bar!
  • Decisive lip color – I also went for a new lipstick in the Emotional Brilliance line. As you can tell in the picture, this one is super red but has a great shimmer to it! Surprisingly, I have been wearing it a bit!
  • Vanillary perfume – I had to purchase this… the smell is so comforting and perfect for the cold winter months! This is only my second LUSH perfume. Someday, I want to try all of them! Cannot wait to review this spray. I got it in the .3 oz since (spray stick).
  • Jungle solid conditioner – I just finished the Big solid conditioner in the shower yesterday! I wanted to repurchase it but decided to try Jungle first! I have not used it yet but looking forward to how it works!
  • T’eo solid deodorant – This is another new product for me! I have only tried the Coconut deodorant from LUSH (which I love). I like how this one is in a solid bar form which is super super easy to use (especially under the arms). I use this deodorant before I go to bed and love it! The scent is super fresh.
  • Sample time! – Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo is the sample I picked! This is the only liquid shampoo from LUSH that I have not tried… I already used it and was not sure I loved the smell or noticed anything special with my hair! But I might try it out again for sure.

I had a great experience shopping at the adorable LUSH store in Herald Square. This is my go-to LUSH store in NYC because it is super, super close to Penn Station! Only one block away I think… I loved this trip so much I took some pictures of the store and the lovely sales lady who was helping me. Let me know if you have ever shopped at this LUSH location in the heart of NYC:


Emotional Brilliance – Vibrance Review

Recently, I have been becoming more obsessed with Emotional Brilliance… the lip colors are phenomenal! They are so great because they last a long while, do not stain and come in unique shades! The only downside is that you should moisturize your lips heavily before using any Emotional Brilliance liquid lipstick! Emotional Brilliance is the make-up line name at LUSH Cosmetics.

Vibrance, was my first lipstick from Emotional Brilliance:



So y’all might be thinking… what an odd lip color?! Well, this is actually one of the most subtle colors from LUSH! This color is a fiery orange with an enormous amount of gold glitter in it! When used on the lips, this shade is a sparkly gold color! The orange is not too loud… you can see it a bit but barely! It mainly is a gold sparkle lip stick! Vibrance lasts a long, long time! I suggest putting on a LUSH lip scrub or heavy moisturizing balm before hand! I always use Honey Trap lip balm from LUSH! It smells and tastes great!

Since this is my first post about Emotional Brilliance, I think that I should explain what the name of the different lipsticks and eye liners mean! Basically, each color signifies a character trait! For example, this one is a fiery shade called Vibrance! They have a light blue color called Calm, a deep purple called Confidence, a red called Decisive, etc. It is an awesome idea! Let me know if you have tried any Emotional Brilliance products! I will be posting a lot more from this collection in the upcoming months!