Bath Tray – You Can Do It!

Bath Tray

Do you like to read, work on your computer, or watch Netflix in the bath? I sure do! This handmade bath tray changed my life (Literally). I can finally relax and enjoy my bath! I do not have to tire out my arms by holding a book out of the water for 45 minutes or watch Netflix from across the bathroom and have to wear my foggy glasses.

I got this idea from Pinterest (who does not get ideas from there?). Measure two pieces of wood to fit the width of your bath tub, put them together, and then paint… Super easy! What is on my bath tray you might ask?

  • The Mum Reusable Bubble Bar – I purchased this honey-toffee bubble bar from last years Mother’s Day Collection at LUSH Cosmetics. Discover Bunch of Carrots for a similar experience from the Easter 2015 Collection.
  • Plumeria Bath Salts – a little Plumeria never hurt no one! Want more tropical flower scents in your mainland life? Check out KopaKauai handmade soaps on Etsy! I purchased the Sea Salt Soap in Plumeria (of course). I enjoy using it in the morning to wake me up and put a smile on my face!
  • Abra Bath Salts in Sleep Therapy – the perfect touch to a night time bath!
  • Hugo Bath Salts – The bath salts in the brown bag and the paper bag are from Hugo! These salts are all natural, have great scents, and sure creates a soothing bath!
  • Tidy Thyme Santa’s Breath Soy Candle – This mint chocolate soy candle is scrumptious! Even though it is a holiday item, all year-round it will sweeten your bathroom! Tidy Thyme also has great plant based cleaning products!

LUSH DIY – Knot Wrap Display

My latest obsession are the Knot Wraps from LUSH Cosmetics. These 100% recycled, colorful scarves catch my attention! I love the floral designs, the versatility, and the price (only $6, heck yes!). My collection has grown quite rapidly this summer. I have gone from one scarf to 6 overnight. I used to keep them on top of my LUSH DIY box (post here) until I realized these beautiful designs needed to be displayed!

I started doing some research. First Pinterest, second LUSH stores, and third my own photo collection. Where I found these:


I love the simplicity and colors of these felt garlands. They inspired me to create this LUSH DIY post (along with my other research tools).

STEP 1: Find  two ribbons & clothes pins that inspire you. I opted for my usual: pink, flowers, and sparkles.

STEP 2: String the ribbon through the clothes pins. This part can be tricky since the clothes pin hole is super small.

STEP 3: Tie mini bows with your second ribbon and glue them onto the back of the clothes pin (the space where it opens and closes). This adds an adorable touch!

STEP 4: Tie a bow at both ends of the ribbons and nail to the wall. I tried tape for the first few days but it kept falling from the weight of the Knot Wraps.

STEP 5: Put up your Knot Wraps or other LUSH Cosmetic goodies and enjoy!

Do you like my Knot Wrap display? How many Knot Wraps do you have? The ones displayed in mine are:

  • Miranda – red with fruit
  • Flirty Floral – purple and pink watercolor flowers
  • Wild Flower – black with colorful flowers
  • Psychedelic Summer – blue neon (no longer available)
  • Mr. Bumble – green and yellow (no longer available)
  • LUSH words – black with LUSH type (no longer available – part of gift set)

Heres is my latest DIY favorite I found on Instagram. Who doesn’t want a LUSH basket?!


LUSH DIY: Mod-Podge Box

Is the rainy Spring weather getting you down? Are you tired of sitting around watching Netflix and eating ice cream? Well… here is a great solution for LUSHies out there: a LUSH craft! Over the past few months I have been working on an awesome LUSH mod-podge box that I want to share!

First, I needed to cut out a ton of LUSH pictures for my mod-podge. I decided to go with the Christmas LUSH Times and the Fall 2013 LUSH Times. After a few days of cutting up the newspaper catalogs, I was left with all of these pictures:


That is a lot of LUSH pictures right…I wanted to cut out everything from the LUSH catalogs that was either a product I have used or pictures that made me smile (aka – everything in the LUSH catalog)! After I had everything cut out, I searched my room for a box that I was not to crazy about! P.S. – you can use basically any box.. like a shoe box, packaging box, etc. Here is the box I picked:


So from there I mod-podged the box! I did not do the insides because that would be impractical if I wanted to store stuff in the box (which I do). So I started with the white bottom and did the edges and bottom. I then let that piece dry and moved to the top lid where I covered the top and the edges. It took a long time to dry… and since I am not a mod-podge pro, I was left with a few bumps. But overall, I think the box turned out great! Here is the top and bottom with all of the edges:



Oh wow… that was a lot of pictures! Sorry y’all for all of the scrolling! So that box turned out pretty well! What do you think?! Share in the comments! Also, what do you think I store in this box? To find out, you will have to be on the lookout for my second phase of the LUSH DIY box!



Hello all! So recently I took on a do it yourself (DIY) project with the LUSH catalogs. I cut up a product pieces, text pieces and anything else that really interested me in their newspaper catalogs! These paper pieces were mainly from the Fall 2013 LUSH Times. I then wanted to use the folder for school so got it laminated… this was my first mod-podge experience, so it was a bit lumpy!

Here are some pictures of my lovely DIY folder:



So this is the finished product!!! As you can see I just took pieces from the catalog and mod-podge’d it to a normal Five Star black folder. To make the spin a bit more durable, I added a black piece of construction paper there! I am excited to use this folder throughout this next semester of school!!!! I just finished another DIY LUSH mod-podge project that I will also be posting about soon! Let me know if you have done any DIY LUSH projects or even LUSH art projects!

LUSH appreciates all their fan artwork – you can find some of it at this link. This link is from the LUSH blog and the article is titled: Fan Art Hall of Fame!!! Haha what a creative title! The below picture is actually from this blog post (and it is my favorite piece in the post) that LUSH posted on Facebook a few weeks back! It was a part of the #25daysofLUSH media campaign! So if you have any fan artwork or DIY projects that involve LUSH in some way, please please share!!!


Yankee Candle Land

So this winter I went to the Yankee Candle Factory Store in Deerfield, Massachusetts. Let me tell you, it was an awesome experience for candle lovers! Since it was a factory store, it was insanely huge! They had a kitchen room, jewelry room, food room, Christmas room, kids room and many, many candle rooms! I went with my friend and neighbor, Meghan! We both had a superb time.

Here are some pictures of us around the store:



So the top two pictures are from the Christmas room! The left is me in front of one of the smaller Christmas trees and the right is a picture of the big tree with ornaments placed all around it for purchase. The bottom left has the back of my friend Meghan in it and a picture of the entrance to the castle room! I thought it was more like a man cave shopping room! Interestingly, the picture on the bottom right is of my dipping different wax ornaments into colored wax. It was very cool and unusual! They also had a station where you can make your own candles!

Here are the candles I purchased from the large factory store:



This was actually the candle I made! They have a station called Wax Works where you can add different wax scents into an empty glass jar. I decided to go with a bunch of holiday scents! So the green part is Christmas tree and bellow that I added a lot of other flavors and on the bottom, I had cranberry! As you can probably tell, I did light this candle for a few days after Christmas! It is a really cool thing to do and put on your bucket list if you love candles!



So I got 5 different, unusual 3.7 oz. candles. I wanted to get scents that I would not usually pick up!

  • Banana Bread
  • Sunflower
  • Cranberry Chutney
  • Harvest
  • Whoopee Pie – which is on right now and smells absolutely great! I love chocolate, so it is perfect!

The larger size to the left is in Orange Dreamsicle. I have not yet tried this candle!

Overall, the experience I got from Yankee Candle Village and Yankee Candle Factory Store was phenomenal! I had a great time! I highly suggest this day trip for anyone in the Northeast region. If you wish to learn more about Yankee Candle Village, you can visit their website at