Blackberry Bath Bomb – The LUSH Original

So far, I am having a great trip in Houston! It has been sunny and humid, which is perfect for my dry winter skin! I have been basking in the sun trying to get as much Vitamin D as possible before I go back to the dry New York winter (hopefully it is more like spring when I go back)! Today, I wanted to do a review on one of my favorite LUSH bath bombs, Blackberry! Here are some images of the Blackberry in action:



AROMA: This bath bomb smells great. It is fruity with a hint of blackberries (obviously). I also like the smell of this bath because it is relaxing and uplifting! I suggest this bath bomb for anyone who loves fruit scents or one who also needs a positive outlook. Like LUSH says, “it brings you back to earth when things get hectic.”

BATH WATER: This product turns your bath water a light to deep purple! It does not have any colors in the middle of the bomb. Although, I noticed that my purple water had a little bit of luster in it! Another plus of this bath bomb is that it does not have any debris that you might have to clean out of the tub!

SECRET MESSAGE: The center of this bath ballistic holds a secret note that you will find once the entire product has disintegrated. Can anyone guess what this message says?! (the picture is on the bottom of the post). I enjoy having a message in the product… it adds a unique touch! It is not everyday you pull out a tiny piece of paper from your tub that is sturdy! Although, I think it would be great is each bath bomb had a different message… then I think it would be personal!

THE ORIGINAL: This bath bomb is actually the original bath ballistic from LUSH! It was developed in 1989 by Mo Constantine in her laboratory in the Cosmetics-To-Go era. The LUSH book, Danger! Cosmetics-To-Go actually mentions this product a few times!

INGREDIENTS: This is a vegan product that means that it does not contain anything from an animal. The fresh ingredients in this product are: bergamot oil, citric acid, frankincense oil, and a few more items!

Overall, this is a great bath bomb to start out with because it is simple and of course, the original! What do you think of this product?



Danger! Cosmetics-To-Go Book Review

Hello all! I have some great news… my blog just hit 100 followers! That has been a personal goal of mine for a while now. I am so happy that I accomplished it! Today, I wanted to do a book review on the LUSH book, Danger! Cosmetics-To-Go. This book tells the story of the company before LUSH and helps to describe why LUSH is that way it is today! Here is the cover of the book:




  • 130 pages long
  • Full of color
  • By Mira Manga
  • All LUSHies will adore it!
  • Made with 100% recycled paper
  • Whimsical
  • History on the company before LUSH, Cosmetics-To-Go

I loved reading this book. It took me about two days over my Thanksgiving break to get through the entire work. It is very interesting because it talks about the superior individuals who created LUSH and where they worked before LUSH at Cosmetics-To-Go. Also, it shares the different, unique product created at Cosmetics-To-Go and how some of them rolled over to LUSH. The book was also very very colorful and whimsical! Every page had its own layout filled with vibrant colors. Here were four of my favorite layouts:





  1. The first picture shows all of the “Christmas To Go” products! I love the look of this page. The bright red is phenomenal and of course, is very timely and fitting. This page also introduces the Hot Toddy bath product that LUSH sometimes sneaks into their collection around the holidays.
  2. The second picture is actually the back of the book. It has about 20 different covers of the Cosmetics-To-Go magazine. Each cover is very unique and extremely different from others. I want to find a vintage one and look through it!
  3. This third layout describes the values of Cosmetics-To-Go or “The Ten Company Rules”. Some of them are value people before profit, behave ethically, develop and promote talent from within, benefit from the use of new technology and so on. You might recognize some of the values on this page because they are similar to the LUSH We Believe statement.
  4. I love this last picture because it shows how Cosmetics-To-Go wanted to keep all of their products fresh. THe layout is also super creative because it looks like a store front! The Cosmetics-To-Go products featured on this page are the fresh Papaya Cleanser, fresh Herb Mask, fresh Asparagus Mask and the fresh Chopped Tomato foot mask. Does all this freshness sound familiar?!

Overall, I really enjoyed this read. It was informational and interesting to see where LUSH inherited all of their values. I also liked to learn about the products that started from Cosmetics-To-Go that have now evolved into LUSH! For instance, the Blackberry Bath Bomb was originally a Cosmetics-To-Go product! Here is a social media post related to Danger! Cosmetics-To-Go from the LUSH Facebook page:



Have you read this book yet LUSHies?!