American Cream Conditioner

How many of you LUSHies out there use hair products from LUSH? How about their phenomenal conditioners? All of the LUSH conditioners are staples of mine. They hydrate, clean and leave your hair feeling brand new! I have been using American Cream lately in my shower!

Here are pictures of my American Cream:



SMELL: this product has a unique smell. When I smell it, I immediately think of my first experience with LUSH. American Cream was one of the first hair products I used from them. To me, it smells like heavy vanilla cream with a whiff of strawberries. I LOVE it! Your hair smells exactly like the conditioner after taking a shower.

FRESH INGREDIENTS: This product has many many fresh ingredients in it. You can tell the product is natural because it is not a synthetic color and has a thick consistency. American Cream is much much thicker than most LUSH conditioners. The fresh ingredients in this product are: Honey Water, Vanilla Pod Infusion, Fresh Oranges, Fresh Strawberries, Vanilla Absolute, Lavender Oil and many more!

HAIR TYPES: According to LUSH, this conditioner is suitable for all hair types. I have to agree. I have natural wavy blonde hair and this does wonders for me! It really makes my hair super super soft and feel very fresh after a shower.

TANGLY: The only downfall of this conditioner is that it makes my hair super ratty. It is really hard to brush out after I take a shower. In fact, it is so bad that I have to use a de-tangler… No fun at all! But the effects of the product are worth it.

YEAR-ROUND: This conditioner is available all year round from LUSH. It is not a part of a holiday collection or limited edition! This bottle is actually my second of American Cream. I repurchased the 8.4 fl. oz. size. It is the perfect amount because I love to switch up my conditioners. Remember with all LUSH products, a little goes a long way!

What conditioners are you using in your shower this month?! P.S. – I just smelled American Cream again because I CANNOT get enough of the awesome goodness!


LUSH Shower Empties

So I know this post is a bit late for me, but I had to post on this snowy Saturday here in New York! Some good news is that I have TWO more hauls coming up… I have already gone a little LUSH crazy this year (surprise, surprise). But today I wanted to share my shower empties from 2013!

Here is the empty collection:



So from left to right we have…

  • Rehab shampoo – this stuff is God sent. The smell is very citrus and awakening. I love how it actually takes my dry, winter hair to “rehab.” Rehab has been a favorite of mine. I actually have owned one 16.9 oz. and one 8.4 oz. I have not repurchased this one in a while!
  • American Cream conditioner – this is another God sent product. I love love the smell of this conditioner and actually repurchased it recently! So I have a fresh bottle of the strawberry and cream goodness in my shower! At first, I was not a fan of the product but it grew on me and after I repurchased it, I seriously loved it even more!
  • Fair Trade Honey shampoo – this is a great hair product from LUSH. It is a super, super think shampoo which makes it a bit different from other hair care products from LUSH. If you enjoy honey, this shampoo is for you! I have not yet repurchased this one.
  • Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner – I love the smell of this! It feels like your head is growing into a flower garden! I used this tonight and I cannot stop smelling my lovely hair! The product is soooo good, they named it twice! I highly recommend this conditioner for floral enthusiasts. I have owned the 8.4 oz. bottle and recently purchased the large 16.9 oz. bottle.

So those are my shower empties! I love to see what products people are using up because that means they are GOOD! Especially LUSH ones! I want to see what LUSH products everyone else is using up! Share and comment below!

Christmas Gifts from LUSH

Hello all! For my second post today, I would like to do a haul post about everything I got on Christmas day from LUSH! Over my holiday vacation, I did stop in a few different LUSH stores and purchased a bit more with my Christmas money. But this haul is everything that I got as a gift from my friends and family!

Here is the full selection of gifts:


  • Karma Soap, Yearly – have not tried yet
  • Banana Moon Soap, Retro – have not tried yet
  • Orange Peel Soap, Holiday – have not tired yet
  • Snake Oil Scalp Treatment Bar, Retro – have not tried yet
  • Sandy Santa, Holiday – have not tried yet
  • Celebrate Body Lotion, Holiday – tried and love!
  • Melting Snowman Bath Melt, Holiday – have not tried yet
  • Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, Holiday – have not tried yet
  • Santa’s Lip Scrub, Holiday – tried
  • Buche De Noel Facial Cleanser, Holiday – tried
  • Coolaulin Conditioner, Retro – have not tried yet
  • Father Christmas Bath Bomb, Holiday – have not tried yet
  • Luxury LUSH Pud Bath Bomb, Holiday – have not tried yet
  • Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar, Holiday – have not tried yet
  • Xmas Angel Bath Bomb, Retro Holiday – have not tried yet
  • Bombardino Bath Bomb, Holiday – have not tried yet

So that is everything that was under my tree for me on Christmas morning! I have only tried a few of the products. I will get into all the bath products this week since I have now showed them all in this post! I have tried some of them (says above) and really have some positive feedback for them! I am not sure yet what my favorite LUSH holiday product was! I will let y’all know soon, but Celebrate is definitely up there! Let me know what your favorite LUSH gift was this holiday!

Winter LUSH Haul

Wow… second post today. This is a record for me. Since my last post (LUSH retired products) was a bit depressing for all you LUSHies, I decided a Holiday Haul would add some positivity! 

Here is is, my Winter LUSH haul!:



So I went to LUSH in Times Square and it was very,very crowded! I had a hard time navigating through the store to grab all my Christmas goodies. 

The Haul includes:

  • Snow Fairy shower gel
  • Gorgeous moisturizer
  • Star Light, Star Bright bath melt
  • American Cream conditioner
  • Lovel Jubblies lotion 
  • Angel’s Delight soap
  • Snow Globe soap
  • Cinders bath bomb
  • Shoot for the Stars bath bomb
  • Magic Wand bubble bar
  • Golden Wonder bath bomb
  • Ponche shower gel
  • Secret Santa bath bomb

I have used some of these products and will be writing product reviews for each one soon! But I want to know what products y’all want to hear about first?! Let a LUSHie know! Also, if you have an holiday favorites I would love to hear about it! 

Tata for now! 

Oh and p.s. since The Olympics are coming up and I forgot to post this on Thanksgiving… Sean White, gold-medal snow boarder, says Happy (Late) Thanksgiving y’all! 


Large LUSH Hair Products

I hope everyone is having a good Monday! It is my last week of school and next week is finals week, how fun! I will be working hard. But as always, it is very nice to take a break and write about something I love, LUSH!

Recently, I had finished my two large, 16.9 oz. LUSH shampoo and conditioner bottles. Pictured bellow:



I got these bottles about a year ago and I just finished them. They last a very very long time!  Before I ordered the large bottles, I had these products in the smaller bottles.

Rehab shampoo:

  • Great for damaged hair
  • Full of nutritious ingredients
  • Highlight product: fresh pineapple juice
  • 16.9 oz. bottle- $39.95

I highly suggest this hair product for anyone with damaged hair from heat, color, etc. It is a great rejuvenating product to bring your hair and scalp back to life!

Veganese conditioner:

  • Vegan hair product
  • Good for fine hair
  • Highlight product: rosemary infusion
  • 16.9 oz. bottle- $32.95

I love this conditioner. It has a great smell and texture. It is one of LUSH’s middle ground conditioners (between watery and very thick).

For me, it was a great purchase. Even though both of the products are in the 30-40 dollar range, it is well worth it! I suggest getting your favorite LUSH hair products in the large container from LUSH!

Tata for now!


LUSH Review – R&B

Another LUSH review for the books. This post I will be reviewing the LUSH’s “hair finisher,” R&B. This was one of my first products I tried from LUSH’s hair line. I was looking for a leave in conditioner which would seriously hydrate and rejuvenate my hair. I thought R&B was it.

Here are some images of the product pot:



As you can tell, R&B is a hair moisturizer to revive and balance to develop “sexy tresses.” The picture to the left describes all of R&B ingredients. The featured ingredient in this product is cupuacu butter. The cupuacu tree is a tropical tree native to many different parts of the Amazon rainforest. This tree is very similar to the coca tree, which coco butter is made from.

Positive product aspects:

  • The smell is phenomenal (it reminds me of a tropical paradise).
  • Easy to use, easy to put in hair, easy to brush out.

Negative product aspects:

  • Can leave hair really oily the next day.
  • Thick residue left over in hair.

Overall, I like this LUSH product but I do not think it is a must need for me. I have barely used this whole pot and have had it for a while now. But, I do not think I enjoy it that much because my hair is oily and hydrated to begin with. I think that this product is made for people with dry, curly hair. I am curious to know if anyone else has used this product and your comments/feelings about it!

As always, thank you Kokeb for making this product!! (you can tell that I have had this pot for a while because the compounder sticker is old school)!



Sorry that I did not post a daily review yesterday, I am in Vermont skiing for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Gobble gobble everyone!

Samples On Samples

For those of you who have never been to a LUSH store or ordered products online, they give you many many samples! Sometimes you can pick the sample while other times they already have pre-made samples. Today, I will show two examples of samples that I got from some of my latest LUSH hauls! 

Example #1: These samples were actually given to me. I did not pick the products to try. Since the marker wore off, two of the samples were Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner and one sample was Its Raining Men shower gel.

  • I actually am a huge fan of the conditioner and have one of the 16.9 oz. bottles. I highly suggest Happy Happy Joy Joy to anyone who is a fan of floral aromas.
  • For Its Raining Men, I have never tried it! I did enjoy the shower gel but it was a little to sweet for me. If you are a lover of LUSH’s Honey I Wash The Kids Soap, then this is the perfect shower gel for you! 



Example #2: For these samples, I told them what I wanted to try out.

  • As you can tell, the first product I tried was Whoosh shower jelly. I loved it! I have a big pot of the Sweetie Pie shower jelly but I think my next purchase will have to be Whoosh! It is very minty and fresh. I have heard that it is great to freeze and use in the shower over the summer.
  • The other sample is Curly Wurly hair shampoo. I am a huge fan of the smell and texture of the shampoo (coconut lover right here) but, it was not for me. I felt like it did not do the job to clean my hair. Also, I think this product was made for people with really curly or frizzy hair.
  • The final sample is Turkish Delight shower smoothie. I actually really enjoyed using this shower smoothie and would recommend it to anyone. But be warned… it is a more expensive shower smoothie from LUSH.



Let me know what samples you have been trying and which ones you would recommend for my next LUSH purchase! 


Latest LUSH Haul

I recently went to LUSH to stock up on some of my favorites! I went to the LUSH store in Danbury, Connecticut. It was an awesome store and had a great interior design. But most importantly, the customer service was incredible. I had two awesome ladies who spent almost an hour with me deciding what products should join my collection and would be the best for my body.

Here is the link to the FB page for the Danbury Mall store:

I ended up getting a lot of new products and even re-purchasing some!



The haul includes:

  • Happy Happy Joy Joy hair conditioner- repurchase: amazing conditioner, smells like a bouquet of flowers
  • Phoenix Rising bath bomb- repurchase: most favorite and recommended bath product
  • Angles on Bare Skin facial cleanser (one of my favorites)- repurchase: best facial cleanser for dry skin that is not to acne prone
  • I Love Juicy hair shampoo- new product (the smell is awesome and goes well with Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner)
  • NEW! solid shampoo bar- new product, good for dry scalp
  • Strawberry Fields massage bar- new product
  • Mummkin (I got it for free! They loved me so much <3)- new product
  • Sugar Scrub- repurchase, great exfoliator
  • Ultrabalm- new product (one of my new favorite all time LUSH products)