Cinders Bath Bomb Review

I love the LUSH Christmas line. It is so cool to take baths that are just for the holidays and super unique. So far I have taken a few with special edition bath products, but this is my first product review post for one!

Presenting… THE CINDERS BATH! According to LUSH, Cinders is a warming cinnamon crackler! It is a sweet and spicy bomb infused with almond oil to keep your skin smooth. It feels like you are curling up to a welcoming fire in the tub!


I purchased Cinders in my haul bellow. I took this bath a few days ago and really enjoyed it!

Here are some bath pictures:



I really enjoyed the bath. But as always, there were a few negatives and positives.


  • Great “crackle” effect (pop rocks are in my tub?!)
  • Great holiday aroma (fire-side cinnamon)
  • Fantastic experience
  • Amazing gold water color (I completely forgot to take a picture of this! Sorry guys!)


  • Really small bath bomb (need more for larger tub)
  • Wish there was more surprise

Overall, I really enjoyed this bath! I highly recommend for a quick soak! Tata for now!

Winter LUSH Haul

Wow… second post today. This is a record for me. Since my last post (LUSH retired products) was a bit depressing for all you LUSHies, I decided a Holiday Haul would add some positivity! 

Here is is, my Winter LUSH haul!:



So I went to LUSH in Times Square and it was very,very crowded! I had a hard time navigating through the store to grab all my Christmas goodies. 

The Haul includes:

  • Snow Fairy shower gel
  • Gorgeous moisturizer
  • Star Light, Star Bright bath melt
  • American Cream conditioner
  • Lovel Jubblies lotion 
  • Angel’s Delight soap
  • Snow Globe soap
  • Cinders bath bomb
  • Shoot for the Stars bath bomb
  • Magic Wand bubble bar
  • Golden Wonder bath bomb
  • Ponche shower gel
  • Secret Santa bath bomb

I have used some of these products and will be writing product reviews for each one soon! But I want to know what products y’all want to hear about first?! Let a LUSHie know! Also, if you have an holiday favorites I would love to hear about it! 

Tata for now! 

Oh and p.s. since The Olympics are coming up and I forgot to post this on Thanksgiving… Sean White, gold-medal snow boarder, says Happy (Late) Thanksgiving y’all! 


Wiccy Magic Muscles – LUSH Review

Hello all! It has been an interesting week so far. Lots of school work and other end of year events. I thought that it would be best to talk about one of my latest massage bar purchases since I have been using it after my work outs this month! So I am going to introduce to you… The Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar!!

As usual, I got this bar because of its “healing” and “soothing” qualities. According to LUSH, this is a spicy bar for sore muscles (it sure is spicy).

Here are some pictures of mine:



  • Massage worthy: very moisturizing
  • Great for sore muscles
  • Aduki beans (red dots) make for a great massage
  • Looks adorable in the LUSH tin
  • Lasts a while


  • VERY strong aroma
  • Little oily: use a dusting powder after use

Overall I enjoy this massage bar. I think that the spicy smell of cinnamon and peppermint make it unique. Plus, the aduki beans add a unique edge to the product. I mainly use this product after I work out or ski. It is great for sore leg and ab muscles.

Also, if you have never purchased the LUSH oval tin, it is a great $3 well spent (or however much it is). It protects your massage bars from the scary outside world and also if it does melt, at least it will still be in an oval shape!

Oval tin:



BOTTOM LINE: If you enjoy massages and have sore muscles frequently, this is the bar for you! it actually does a great job soothing muscles. But be warned, the smell is very strong and takes some time to get used too!

I hope this helps when thinking about LUSH massage bars! Let me know what massage bars you have or want to try! Tata for now!

The Medicine Cabinet Storage

Hello all! I hope everyone is getting off on a good start to the week. For me, I only have a week of school left! How exciting! Then I get to shop, shop and shop more for Christmas presents.

I have been meaning to show my LUSH face products in my medicine cabinet:



These are all the LUSH goodies in my face collection:

  • Let The Good Times Roll facial cleanser
  • Angles on Bare Skin facial cleanser
  • Coal Face facial cleanser
  • Ultraband facial cleanser
  • Celestial facial moustirizer
  • Skin Shangri La moustirizer
  • Ultrabalm
  • Mint Julep lip scrub
  • Gorgeous facial moustirizer sample
  • Full of Grace
  • Breath of Fresh Air toner
  • Eyes Right eye cream
  • Grease Lighting spot treatment
  • 9 to 5 facial cleanser
  • Sparkle toothy tabs
  • Lemon Flutter cuticle cream sample

I never realized how much that is! I switch the products I use daily. For instance, if I am in the mood for something sweet I use Let The Good Times Roll and Gorgeous (which I finally splurged on in my last haul). Angles on Bare Skin is also a great everyday cleanser. I highly suggest it. Also, if you have never tried any LUSH moisturizers, they are seriously phenomenal. This LUSH section is the bottom shelf in my medicine cabinet.

I also think it is cool to show what beauty products I have above my LUSH stash:



For the bottom shelf I have all of my contact stuff (contacts, contact case, contact solution, etc.). Also on this shelf are my teeth whitening tools, cotton swabs and lotion wipes (I am still contemplating whether I like these).

I also have a few Victoria Secret lotions (one is a self tanner in the smell Love Spell and the other is just a normal lotion). I also have a Pacifica self tanning lotion in Coconut Pearl. I also have some Neutrogena body oil, St. Ives exfoliating whips, Pssst! dry shampoo, Clean and Clear morning burst facial cleanser, H2O toner and Neutrogena toner.

I use all of these products weekly. But normally, the LUSH shelf is the most used!

Tata for now! Let me know if y’all enjoy these types of posts.

LUSH Social Media Favorites

Happy Tuesday! Today is a crowded day for me with my 4 courses all about communication. But I love it! To celebrate these 4 classes coming to an end, I thought it would best fit to do a social media post on classic LUSH social media mediums.

Post #1: I thought this post was quite clever because it takes LUSH out of the cosmetics industry and places it in the food/vegan field. It is also very timely because this was posted around the prime time of the fall season, October. Another timely factor, was that it was posted on World Vegan Day! What a great, great media idea! Fun fact; I actually made the cookies and loved them! Vegan really is not that bad! This was an Instagram post.



Post #2: This is also another post that includes many factors. To start, this post was through Facebook and connects to the LUSH blog (which was a very innovative post by the way). Other than the medium, this post targeted many of the LUSH values. First, fair trade vanilla absolute which relates to the company’s ethical campaigns. Second, it talks about a seasonal (Christmas) product, Bombardino and the qualities it has because of the vanilla absolute. The graphic in the post also enhanced the awareness when scrolling through your Facebook feed.



Post #3: This is another Instagram post that relates to the value of “fresh” from LUSH. This is a picture of the fresh wheatgrass thriving in one of the LUSh kitchens. I thought this was very credible and unique from other posts because it shows the other side of the product, the compounders view. It is also innovative that the company used Emoji’s to enhance the quirky quality of LUSH.



I am curious to know if y’all like the social media fav posts. Let me know in a comment below. For those haul lovers, I will be posting a MAJOR holiday LUSH haul very soon and also the new LUSH book review, Danger: Cosmetics-To-Go with highlights of some of my favorite pages.

Tata for now!

LUSH Review – R&B

Another LUSH review for the books. This post I will be reviewing the LUSH’s “hair finisher,” R&B. This was one of my first products I tried from LUSH’s hair line. I was looking for a leave in conditioner which would seriously hydrate and rejuvenate my hair. I thought R&B was it.

Here are some images of the product pot:



As you can tell, R&B is a hair moisturizer to revive and balance to develop “sexy tresses.” The picture to the left describes all of R&B ingredients. The featured ingredient in this product is cupuacu butter. The cupuacu tree is a tropical tree native to many different parts of the Amazon rainforest. This tree is very similar to the coca tree, which coco butter is made from.

Positive product aspects:

  • The smell is phenomenal (it reminds me of a tropical paradise).
  • Easy to use, easy to put in hair, easy to brush out.

Negative product aspects:

  • Can leave hair really oily the next day.
  • Thick residue left over in hair.

Overall, I like this LUSH product but I do not think it is a must need for me. I have barely used this whole pot and have had it for a while now. But, I do not think I enjoy it that much because my hair is oily and hydrated to begin with. I think that this product is made for people with dry, curly hair. I am curious to know if anyone else has used this product and your comments/feelings about it!

As always, thank you Kokeb for making this product!! (you can tell that I have had this pot for a while because the compounder sticker is old school)!



Sorry that I did not post a daily review yesterday, I am in Vermont skiing for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Gobble gobble everyone!

The Enchanter Bath

The Enchanter is a very cool and unique bath bomb from LUSH! I really enjoyed this bath bomb because of the scent and the color of the bath water.

Here is are some pictures of The Enchanter before the tub:



This is a huge bath bomb! As you can tell in the picture to the right, it is almost the size of my palm! That is huge (I think almost all LUSH bath bombs are around this size)


As you can tell, this bath bomb really makes the water orange-y and what I like to call it, a bath tub sunset. The featured ingredient in this product is lime oil. Therefore, it really makes your water smell like citrus. It is also a plus that it makes the water so beautiful. I seriously suggest this bath bomb for anyone who loves sunsets or sunrises.

It really does make your day brighter! Tata for now!

LUSH Coconut Review

In the Drawer of LUSH post, I raved on and on about the Coconut deodorant that I reach for almost everyday. 

Here is the product:



This bottle is the 2.3 oz. deodorant. Some of you might question a power/dusting like form of deodorant, but it works the same as solid deodorant and even better in some cases. For example, this deodorant does not leave marks on your clothing, etc. 



Here is the product description right from the bottle. In this picture, it is closer and therefore easier to tell that the product is just a white powder. But as the name gives it away this is one “coconutty deodorizer!” I love the smell of sweet coconuts so this is a perfect smell to have on my body all day! 

According to LUSH, they put many different coconut extracts in this products. It is also a good product to use for stinky feet! (i have never used Coconut for that before). 



I just wanted to finish by saying thank you to this compounder, Drew!! I really enjoy using this product! I am sure there are a lot of other LUSHie’s out there who also love this product! 

10 Secrets of LUSH told by a LUSHie!

In honor of the article from the LUSH Times: Fall 2013, “10 Things You Might Not Know About Perfume,” I decided to make a “10 Secrets of LUSH” list.

Secret #1: Make it fresh: LUSH makes the freshest facemasks in the world. All of the their facemasks are made by hand. For example, the Sacred Truth facemask is made with 13 sliced papayas, 7 ounces of fresh squeezed wheatgrass, 33 fresh farm eggs, and more!

Secret #2: LUSH composes every possible scrap from their kitchens. According to the LUSH Times, the Toronto facility produced 88,000 lbs. of composted materials. LUSH then takes all of this compost to produce electricity to put into the public grid.

Secret #3: On every product made, the compounders smiling face is put on the pot. This sticker is made for every compounder at LUSH headquarters with a cartoon look alike of them. Also included on this sticker is the day it was made and the day the product expires.

Secret #4: A bunch of the names on LUSH products are inspired by English rock artist. For instance, the bath bomb, Sex Bomb, is inspired by Tom Jones.

Secret #5: In the LUSH Times, there is an article about the right products to take when one goes camping. These products include, a solid deodorant, solid shampoo bar, dry shampoo, toothy tabs, and lip balm. Interestingly, LUSH solid shampoo bars save over 450,000 liters of water each year. (My favorite solid shampoo is Godiva because it smells of jasmine!)

Secret #6: Rose: rose is a wonderful product because it sooths dry skin and has a balancing effect on emotions.  LUSH uses many parts of the rose such as the petals, the oil, the wax, and rose absolute. Some LUSH products that are filled with roses are Ultrabalm, Lovely Jubblies, Ro’s Argan, Imogen Rose, and more.

Secret #7: The Cosmetic Deli: LUSH stores are designed after a deli. When one walks in a store they would notice the huge soap forms sliced and ordered by weight and the bath bombs are in boxes splayed out like vegetables in a super market.

Secret #8: LUSH created a campaign called Charity Pot in 2010. Charity Pot is a coco butter lotion, which smells of chocolate. But here is the catch, whenever one purchases a Charity Pot all of the proceeds go to various charities around the world.

Secret #9: LUSH Spa comes to North America this Fall in New York City and Philadelphia. The spa will include seven different treatments and the interior will be designed after an English salon.

Secret #10: LUSH is a true, sustainable company. They are fresh, naked, cruelty free, vegetarian, vegan and handmade.

LUSH store front

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