Let The Good Times Roll Product Review

Hello all! The snow is melting away fast :/ I do not want it to go because I want a white Christmas for the first time ever! Anyways, I decided today was the day to finally post my thoughts about Let The Good Times Roll LUSH facial cleanser. This product was a part of the holiday collection in 2012 and was so popular and successful, that they made it a year round product. And let me tell ya, it is really great!

So here are some pictures of my cleanser plot:




  • Phenomenal aroma – carmel popcorn it is! To me, it smells like I am rubbing graham crackers all over my face.
  • Great texture – this cleanser is very light and airy I like to say. I think it differs from other LUSH facial cleansers because it is mazed based. (which adds to the graham cracker take).
  • A little goes a long way – I really think you can salvage this little pot of product for about 6 months.
  • Great results – I switch Angels on Bare Skin and this one weekly. I really like the results I get from both but the Let The Good Times Roll does brighten up my skin. Let’s just say, if I were to go on a trip and could only fit one, I would pick Let The Good Times Roll!


  • Small packaging – I do not think you can buy this cleanser in a larger or any other size. The only size I have seen and purchased has been the one above, the 3.5 ounces. I know with other cleansers, you can pick the price and tell them you want that much! Hopefully in the future, you will be able to do that with this cleanser.

So as you can tell from the number of positives and negatives, I really love this facial cleanser. I was so happy to hear they were bringing it back full time and purchased it immediately! It came out around the same time as Rose Jam this year. Let me know if you have tried this cleanser and your thoughts!? Tata for now!


The Medicine Cabinet Storage

Hello all! I hope everyone is getting off on a good start to the week. For me, I only have a week of school left! How exciting! Then I get to shop, shop and shop more for Christmas presents.

I have been meaning to show my LUSH face products in my medicine cabinet:



These are all the LUSH goodies in my face collection:

  • Let The Good Times Roll facial cleanser
  • Angles on Bare Skin facial cleanser
  • Coal Face facial cleanser
  • Ultraband facial cleanser
  • Celestial facial moustirizer
  • Skin Shangri La moustirizer
  • Ultrabalm
  • Mint Julep lip scrub
  • Gorgeous facial moustirizer sample
  • Full of Grace
  • Breath of Fresh Air toner
  • Eyes Right eye cream
  • Grease Lighting spot treatment
  • 9 to 5 facial cleanser
  • Sparkle toothy tabs
  • Lemon Flutter cuticle cream sample

I never realized how much that is! I switch the products I use daily. For instance, if I am in the mood for something sweet I use Let The Good Times Roll and Gorgeous (which I finally splurged on in my last haul). Angles on Bare Skin is also a great everyday cleanser. I highly suggest it. Also, if you have never tried any LUSH moisturizers, they are seriously phenomenal. This LUSH section is the bottom shelf in my medicine cabinet.

I also think it is cool to show what beauty products I have above my LUSH stash:



For the bottom shelf I have all of my contact stuff (contacts, contact case, contact solution, etc.). Also on this shelf are my teeth whitening tools, cotton swabs and lotion wipes (I am still contemplating whether I like these).

I also have a few Victoria Secret lotions (one is a self tanner in the smell Love Spell and the other is just a normal lotion). I also have a Pacifica self tanning lotion in Coconut Pearl. I also have some Neutrogena body oil, St. Ives exfoliating whips, Pssst! dry shampoo, Clean and Clear morning burst facial cleanser, H2O toner and Neutrogena toner.

I use all of these products weekly. But normally, the LUSH shelf is the most used!

Tata for now! Let me know if y’all enjoy these types of posts.


Since it seems a lot of my followers love haul posts, here are some recent LUSH purchases this past month.

I decided to splurge and take a chance to try some of the Retro products. The Retro and non- Retro products that I purchased included…

  • Rose Jam shower gel (now a part of the Christmas collection)
  • Ibiza Party hair shampoo
  • Gumback Express shower smoothie
  • In The Nude bath melt
  • Schnuggle body butter
  • Let The Good Times Roll (non-retro, can get in stores)
  • sample- Sea Vegetable soap



I have tried all of the products. My favorite and most used would be the Rose Jam shower gel (smells exactly like the Rose Jam bubble bar) and the Schnuggle body butter.  Schnuggle is phenomenal because it is used outside of the shower and since I am not a huge lotion fan, I use it almost daily. It is similar to other body butter or massage bars but the nice thing about Schnuggle is that it leaves your skin moist but not sticky like other lotions do.

Ibiza Party is also a pretty good shampoo. Originally, I purchased it because LUSH claimed it “helps with de-tangeling” (which is totally false). But another reason I purchased it is because it helps with dry scalp and is a great combination to the scalp treatment from LUSH, Superbalm.

Gumback Express is an interesting product. it drew me in because I am a lover of almond and banana items, which are the main two ingredients in this one of a kind shower smoothie. Even though the smell is a tad bit funky, I enjoy using this at least once a week to exfoliate. The almond chunks really do the job well.

Let The Good Times Roll is one of my all time favorite products from LUSH because it smells phenomenal and the holiday season is quickly approaching. I highly recommend this facial cleanser for anyone who loves sweet smells (or likes eating graham crackers). It is not harsh on the skin so I believe that it will work nicely for all skin types.

For information about In The Nude– visit my bog bellow “In The Nude Bath Trio”

To learn more about each product visit: http://www.lushusa.com

Tata for now! If you have any questions for me or want to know any more about the products I did not go into detail with, comment below! 🙂

In The Nude Bath Trio

With the start of the dry and cold winter air, I decided to celebrate the beginning of this season with a special bath trio! Recently I purchased the Retro, In The Nude bath melt because according to LUSH, it is used “for dry, sore or irritated skin.” I have an obsession with bath melts and thought that this one would be very beneficial for the winter months.

Here is the link to In The Nude: http://www.lushusa.com/In-The-Nude/02160,en_US,pd.html#q=In%2520The%2520Nude&start=1

Besides In The Nude, the trio was:

  1.  In The Nude bath melt
  2. Lavender bath confetti
  3. Tulip bubble stick


I purchased the lavender confetti at a store in Rhinebeck, NY called Merriweathers. If you are not from the NY area, I am sure that you would not have a problem at all finding confetti online.

The other product I used in the bath was the Tulip bubble bar on a stick from the LUSH Easter collection. LUSH is not selling this product anymore but they have the Magic Wand bubble bar stick in their Christmas collection, which I am sure is the same. For this product, you put it under the faucet and then all of the bubbles start to form as the tub fills up.



I really enjoyed this bath trio. The water was extra hydrating and soothing from the In The Nude bath melt. The Tulip bubble stick also added all of the bubbles and added the smell one of my favorite LUH products, Yuzu and Cocoa bubble bar. Finally, the bath confetti added a bit of fun and made the tub look pretty.

Latest LUSH Haul

I recently went to LUSH to stock up on some of my favorites! I went to the LUSH store in Danbury, Connecticut. It was an awesome store and had a great interior design. But most importantly, the customer service was incredible. I had two awesome ladies who spent almost an hour with me deciding what products should join my collection and would be the best for my body.

Here is the link to the FB page for the Danbury Mall store: https://www.facebook.com/LUSHDanbury

I ended up getting a lot of new products and even re-purchasing some!



The haul includes:

  • Happy Happy Joy Joy hair conditioner- repurchase: amazing conditioner, smells like a bouquet of flowers
  • Phoenix Rising bath bomb- repurchase: most favorite and recommended bath product
  • Angles on Bare Skin facial cleanser (one of my favorites)- repurchase: best facial cleanser for dry skin that is not to acne prone
  • I Love Juicy hair shampoo- new product (the smell is awesome and goes well with Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner)
  • NEW! solid shampoo bar- new product, good for dry scalp
  • Strawberry Fields massage bar- new product
  • Mummkin (I got it for free! They loved me so much <3)- new product
  • Sugar Scrub- repurchase, great exfoliator
  • Ultrabalm- new product (one of my new favorite all time LUSH products)


LUSH Does Halloween

To celebrate Halloween this year, LUSH has come out with various products, videos and games. LUSH normally celebrates the holidays or seasons by producing new, unique products that catch their buyers attention. For example, around Mother’s Day, LUSH came out with a whole line of kitchen soap products. There was solid dish soap, kitchen hand soap, dishwasher soap and finally, kitchen hand lotion that smelled of fresh cut lemons. This was a unique twist for both spring cleaning and Mother’s Day.

The Halloween twist probably is the second best holiday celebrated by LUSH because of course, Christmas tops everything. But the Halloween LUSH beauty products are especially different and timely. They came out with two new bath products, a bubble bar called Pumkin and a bath bomb called Lord of Misrule. The Pumkin bubble bar look exactly like a mini pumpkin with a black licorice stem and chocolate chip eyes. On the other hand, Lord of Misrule is a very unusual bath bomb because of the color which is a turquoise with purple pop rocks and the smell of patchouli and black pepper. Actually, I just tried the Lord of Misrule a few days ago and fell in love. It is the perfect combo of a strange and magnificent experience.

LUSH also has highlighted some Halloween products that are available year around but are feature items for the month of October. These items include, Demon in the Dark soap, Dark Angles Cleanser, Twilight bath bomb, Buffy body butter, Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar, Enchanted eye cream moisturizer, Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melt and The Enchanter bath bomb. One would notice that all of these names are related somehow to the Halloween or fall season. For instance, the bath belt titled, Ceridwen’s cauldron is modeled after a witches cauldron and of course, the name Demon in the Dark soap does have the word Demon in it! It was a good public relations tactic for LUSH to create normal products that are being highlighted in the Holiday season, because I sure bought some of these that I never had the desire to try this month!

Also to celebrate Halloween, LUSH created a mini “LUSH Libs.” One would pick out their favorite vegetable, body part, celebrity, etc. Then, LUSH would put that all into a mini Halloween story. I tried it and laughed hard at my ‘cucumber like figurines” that I apparently broke. Other than the game, LUSH also came out with a video about the two featured Halloween products. This video is titled “Creatures of the… BAAAAATH!” I thought that it was a cool twist on an old fashioned horror film with a bath tub and mini “pumkins” everywhere! (linked below are the video and my LUSH Lib)

I am excited to blog about all of the LUSH Christmas products once the winter season and Christmas time arise. But ta ta for now LUSHies!

LUSH Lib: (link to lib game: https://lushcosmetics.wufoo.com/forms/z1ncudks0kvjhbz/)

“Creatures of the… BAAAAATH!” Video:

Rockstar Inspiration

With one of my favorite facial cleanser’s returning this fall, Let The Good Times Roll, I have decided to write this blog about where some of the LUSH products names have originated.

Let The Good Times Roll is one of my favorite facial cleansers because of the smell, texture, and ingredients. It smells exactly like graham crackers, cinnamon, and holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. The consistency of this cleanser is phenomenal because it is like putting fresh graham cracker crumbs all over your face. No wonder Let The Good Times Roll smells and feels like this, the main ingredients are maize, polenta, cinnamon, popped corn oil, and flour. According to LUSH Times it smells like buttery caramel popcorn! Overall this is one of my favorite LUSH products because of the familiar smell and memories it brings up, which stands out from many other LUSH products.

Interestingly, Let The Good Times Roll was inspired by song and many other LUSH products. For example, the honey-toffee body wash, It’s Raining Men, was inspired by The Weather Girls because “LUSH-ies” believed that while lathering up with this shower gel, made them want to sing to the heavens because of the smell, texture, and overall experience. Another example of a product relating to song is the lotion, Sympathy for the Skin, which consists of mashed bananas, almond oil, and vanilla. This lotions name was inspired by The Rolling Stone’s song, Sympathy for the Devil.

In the PR field, I believe that naming various beauty products after musicians and songs is a great way to introduce and sell products to the consumer. For example, someone who has a passion for The Rolling Stones would have a greater interest trying a lotion that somehow relates to their music rather than a lotion with a more generic name such as, banana lotion. Naming products after memorable musicians can also be a great way to generate news for LUSH. For example, if The Rolling Stones were coming out with a new album, they could give out samples of this lotion to every costumer in support of this new album. Another idea, would be to create an Instagram/Twitter competition where people post creative pictures of them using Sympathy for Skin and the winner would get a year supply of one LUSH product, or something along those lines.

What do you think? Is it a good idea to name products after songs?

Let the Good Times Roll


picture credit: http://www.unnomdeguerre.com/fashions/lushs-let-good-times-roll-cleanser-back-popular-demand