3 Stars for Rub Rub Rub – LUSH Oxford St. Exclusive

Rub Rub Rub Bar was one of the 14 exclusive products I purchased at LUSH Oxford St. (and not gonna lie, I wanted this product the MOST). The lovely pastel shades of the brazen sea salt and delicate flowers caught my eye immediately. Plus – pastels are IN! Just peek into any fashion magazine and see for yourself, like Vogue and InStyle. LUSH was right on target.

Ok, so now for the review – This over-discussed Solid Body Scrub was a bit of a disappointment compared to other LUSH Solid Scrubs. Even though this product still has the classic Rub Rub Rub qualities, like the citrus tang, it lacks easy usage. My bar does not break apart or scrub into my skin effortlessly without applying extreme measures (aka – breaking the bar with my hands, then smashing it to form a scrub). Don’t get me wrong – the product still smells and works lovely! I guess the idea in my head was a dopplegänger of Buffy Body Butter, but in Rub Rub Rub form!

P.S. – LUSH Kitchen is offering Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub now! What do you think of it?

Gorgeous Facial Moisturizer

It has been a very long day for me already… I am exhausted and it is only 5 o’clock! I moved my whole bedroom to another room in my house which is much more spacious. I am excited to finally be in this room! So I have tried almost every LUSH facial cleanser… since LUSH is celebrating their Fresh Cleansers this season, I thought it was about time that I review all of my LUSH face related products. So I wanted to venture on into the land of facial moisturizers! An important necessity. First, I want to review Gorgeous:



AROMA: This is definitely the most fragrant LUSH moisturizer. It is very floral and sweet. I adore the smell because of how different it is from the other facial moisturizers.

TEXTURE: This is also a nice facial cream because it is in between being super light and super heavy. It is the perfect texture. It feels awesome on the skin and makes it very fresh but does not feel like you just rubbed a wad of lotion on your face. It is also super hydrating and refreshing.

SKIN TYPE: Another great thing about this product is that it works miracles on my skin. It brightens up my dry, winter skin and really lets my skin glow! I enjoy using this moisturizer! It is for sure a luxurious treat. I think it will do well on all skin types!

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients in this LUSH product are: orange blossom honey water, organic extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed evening primrose oil, cold pressed avocado oil, coconut oil and so so so much more! I have never seen this many types of oils in a LUSH product!

PRICE: This is probably the most priciest product LUSH offers. It is around $90.00! I know… super expensive for a facial moisturizer. I splurged when I purchased this one. I actually tried a few samples of it before buying the container! If you are willing to spend the money, then I believe the product is for sure worth it!

Now here is a facial moisturizer from LUSH that I have not tried yet. I think it is made for very oily skin (which is nothing like my face)! Here is Enzymion from the LUSH Facebook Page:

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 6.15.52 PM


Have you tried Gorgeous or Enzymion?! Share your experiences with them in the comments!

Snow Globe Soap Review

So for my second post today, I wanted to talk about the LUSH holiday soap, Snow Globe! This is a super cool soap. I love everything about it. So time to review!

Here are some images of the soap:




  • Great aroma – I love the smell of this product. It is very citrus oriented. It awakes you!! I do not recommend this soap for a relaxing, night bath… it is maybe to awakening! So this soap makes for a great morning shower.
  • Cool design – I love the colors and design of this soap. The large shape of this soap is a huge snow globe that has chunks of “snow” in it! So from my pictures, you can kind of tell that I got the bottom of the globe with some pieces of white “snow.”


  • Awkward lather – This soap does have a really odd texture and lather. The blue part of the soap does not lather at all while the white chunks lather A LOT. I still wish the whole thing lathered a bit more… but I wish that with every post!

Snow Globe is an awesome winter soap. It is very different from Christmas scents or other holiday scents which makes it super unique! The smell is great and awakening while the design is seriously awesome. Let me know if you have tried this holiday soap!

Celebrate Lotion Review

So for my third post of the day (I have a lot of free time before school starts), I wanted to talk about another LUSH holiday product…. Celebrate! I actually was not going to purchase this lotion but the smell won me over. It is PHENOMENAL!

Here are some product images:




  • Lovely smell – this body lotion smells heavenly. The smell is a light citrus. I really really like this smell… it almost beats Charity Pot! I believe that this lotion was modeled after bubbly champagne for the holidays!
  • Great consistency – this lotion is not to watery and not to creamy. It is a perfect combination of both. I really love how it feels when I use it after shaving. It makes my skin very hydrated and smooth. That is definitely a positive!!


  • Awkward size options – Unfortunately, this lotion only comes in the large pot. I like to but lotion in small pots at LUSH because they stay fresh and if I get tired of it, I can finish it quickly and pick another one! This lotion I got was actually in a LUSH holiday gift set. The set had a Sandy Santa, Karma soap and the Celebrate lotion. So I got the smaller size… yay!

Overall, I really love this lotion. It is great and versatile for any month. I actually think it is more of a summer scent than winter if you ask me! Unfortunately, you cannot purchase this lotion from the LUSH holiday collection anymore. But I am positive they will come out with this one again! I highly suggest it!!! Let me know if you have tried this product!