The In’s and Out’s of Charity Pot

Hello all! I am sorry that I have not been blogging daily like I normally do… I was at my Grandmas this weekend and she is still in the dark ages without internet! So to make up for the “blog-less” weekend, I wanted to write a post on the beloved, charitable, awesome, phenomenal LUSH lotion, Charity Pot!


AROMA: I really love the smell of this lotion. It is very calming and relaxing. To me, it smells exactly like chocolate cream. There seriously is no other way to describe this lotion because it is so sweet and cocoa oriented. Although, there is a bit of a floral hint to the super sweet lotion!

DRY SKIN: This lotion works wonders for people who have severe dry skin. Unfortunately, the back of my arms suffer from severe dry skin which makes them very very red and itchy. This lotion really does the job because it hydrates and moisturizes.

TEXTURE: The consistency of Charity Pot is very light. It is not heavy at all. If you are a person who does not like the feeling of heavy lotions on your skin, then this product is for you! I am sorry that I did not take a picture of the product inside the pot… but it is just a creamy white color.

100% GIVING: All of the profits from Charity Pot go to several grass root charities. The charities that receive funds support environmental, humanitarian, and animal rights. Since 2007, LUSH has donated over 3 million dollars to various charities. LUSH also created another charitable product called FUN where 2.5% of the revenue goes to the LUSH FunD.

DIFFERENT LIDS: Each Charity Pot is unique since they all have different lid stickers, which represent one of the charities they support. Although you can individually chose a lid, you are not choosing the charity you support. For instance, the pictures above are showing the lids for the RED Sustainable Travel and HoneyLove organizations. Aren’t they cute?!

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients that make this charitable, exquisite lotion memorable are almond oil, fair trade cocoa butter, ylang ylang oil and so much more… this product is packed with oils and butters.

Before the Easter products, LUSH was celebrating and highlighting their charitable products and also the Peace massage bar. Here are some of the graphics from their website during this campaign:

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 4.23.28 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-17 at 4.23.42 PM


Have you tried Charity Pot or any of the other charitable products from LUSH? If so, what charity is your pot showcasing?!

The Drawer of LUSH

For those of you who have not read my post about my LUSH Haul go look at it! In that post, I have a picture of a drawer with a bunch of LUSH goodies. Recently, I went threw the entire drawer and will be posting separate product reviews on each product. But, I just wanted to talk about what I put in this drawer and some of my must have products that are in it.

The Drawer of LUSH:



The contents of this drawer contain:

  • empty clear LUSH containers
  • Lotions
  • Plastic bags for Volcano foot mask
  • Dusting powders
  • Empty LUSH bags
  • Samples
  • Unused soaps

Above is basically a summery of all the products and contents in this drawer. I basically keep everything that is not shower, face or bath related in here. So that leaves all the body products like foot care, dusting powders, and lotions. As you can tell, it also is a storage for my empty products.

As promised, my favorite and most used products that I reach for in this drawer are:

  • Lovely Jubblies which is a floral breast cream. This is one of my most used and loved lotions because it firms the skin. I use it under my eyes and on my legs. As the description gives it away- it is also supposed to be used for the breast.
  • Schnuggle which is a body butter. I absolutely adore this product. Seriously, it should not be in the Retro collection because it is the best of the best. It is great for people who are not really a lotion fan because it does not leave the skin greasy. I highly recommend this to everyone.
  • Coconut deodorant is another favorite in this drawer. I love the smell of coconuts and this hits the spot. It is a powder that you just dab under your arms. It also makes the under arms very very very smooth. Another plus about this product is that it does not make any deodorant marks on your clothes!

Overall, those are some of my most reached for products that I use daily. Feel free to comment if you have any questions about this post! 🙂

LUSH Collection

Since you all can already by now, I am a serious LUSHie. I realized the other day that I had not posted any pictures yet of my collection.

medicine cabinet:



This is the LUSH shelf in my medicine cabinet. I have my facial cleanser, Angels on Bare Skin, Let The Good Time Roll, Ultraband & 9 to 5. For moisturizers I have Vanishing Cream and Cosmetic Lad. I also have Breath of Fresh Air toner, Grease Lightning spot treatment, Sparkle toothy tabs, Mint Julep lib scrub, Full of Grace face bar and finally, Ultrabalm (which is twins to vaseline). All of these products are phenomenal for a dry skin type with barely any acne.

LUSH drawer:


This drawer contains my LUSH lotions and dusting powders. The lotions are Charity Pot, Fair Trade Foot Lotion, Dream Cream & Lovely Jubilees. I also have the retro solid lotion, Schmuggle (which is a must). Other products in here are No Drought, Stepping Stone, Superbalm, King of Skin, Lustre, Coconut Deoderant, Ambrosia shaving cream, and Sea Salt spray. You can also tell that I have a bunch of samples! I am the sample queen 🙂

LUSH shower:



LUSH shower products are my favorite. I am a huge fan of them all! The ones in my collection to this day are Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner, Rehab shampoo (one of the best shampoos for damaged hair), Love Juicy, Daddy-O (great for blondes), Fair Trade Honey ( I just finished this bottle), BIG shampoo, and the solid shampoos are NEW! & Godiva. For shower gels I have, The Olive Branch, Grass, Rose Jam, Dirty, Rub Rub Rub, Sweetie Pie shower jelly and Rose Argon. I also have to retro products here, Gumback Express (banana and almond shower smoothie) & Ibiza Party shampoo.

I also have a lot of bath products! But since those are changing constantly, I decided I would do a review of my favorites for a future post.

Have you tried any of these products? Are there any products that I am missing out on?

10 Secrets of LUSH told by a LUSHie!

In honor of the article from the LUSH Times: Fall 2013, “10 Things You Might Not Know About Perfume,” I decided to make a “10 Secrets of LUSH” list.

Secret #1: Make it fresh: LUSH makes the freshest facemasks in the world. All of the their facemasks are made by hand. For example, the Sacred Truth facemask is made with 13 sliced papayas, 7 ounces of fresh squeezed wheatgrass, 33 fresh farm eggs, and more!

Secret #2: LUSH composes every possible scrap from their kitchens. According to the LUSH Times, the Toronto facility produced 88,000 lbs. of composted materials. LUSH then takes all of this compost to produce electricity to put into the public grid.

Secret #3: On every product made, the compounders smiling face is put on the pot. This sticker is made for every compounder at LUSH headquarters with a cartoon look alike of them. Also included on this sticker is the day it was made and the day the product expires.

Secret #4: A bunch of the names on LUSH products are inspired by English rock artist. For instance, the bath bomb, Sex Bomb, is inspired by Tom Jones.

Secret #5: In the LUSH Times, there is an article about the right products to take when one goes camping. These products include, a solid deodorant, solid shampoo bar, dry shampoo, toothy tabs, and lip balm. Interestingly, LUSH solid shampoo bars save over 450,000 liters of water each year. (My favorite solid shampoo is Godiva because it smells of jasmine!)

Secret #6: Rose: rose is a wonderful product because it sooths dry skin and has a balancing effect on emotions.  LUSH uses many parts of the rose such as the petals, the oil, the wax, and rose absolute. Some LUSH products that are filled with roses are Ultrabalm, Lovely Jubblies, Ro’s Argan, Imogen Rose, and more.

Secret #7: The Cosmetic Deli: LUSH stores are designed after a deli. When one walks in a store they would notice the huge soap forms sliced and ordered by weight and the bath bombs are in boxes splayed out like vegetables in a super market.

Secret #8: LUSH created a campaign called Charity Pot in 2010. Charity Pot is a coco butter lotion, which smells of chocolate. But here is the catch, whenever one purchases a Charity Pot all of the proceeds go to various charities around the world.

Secret #9: LUSH Spa comes to North America this Fall in New York City and Philadelphia. The spa will include seven different treatments and the interior will be designed after an English salon.

Secret #10: LUSH is a true, sustainable company. They are fresh, naked, cruelty free, vegetarian, vegan and handmade.

LUSH store front

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