Solid Deodorant: T’eo

How many of you out there can claim that you have used a solid deodorant? I was one who never, in a 100 years, thought about using one until I learned about T’eo from LUSH Cosmetics. T’eo is a great deodorant to start with from LUSH because it is easy to put on, solid, and smells great.


SOLID: As I mentioned in the intro, this deodorant is completely solid. There is no packaging at all. It is almost like a huge chalk ball (or that is what it reminds me of). The consistency is also quite chalky and easily breaks apart for use. Before I used this product, I always wondered what was on the bottom of it! Well, it is wax! LUSH dips the bottom of this bar into wax to prevent any major crumbles and to make it extra sturdy. Here is a video of LUSH explaining how they make this product if you are interested!

AROMA: T’eo is the most normal smelling deodorant that LUSH offers. It is fresh – just like deodorants are supposed to be. I also really enjoy the subtleness of it because it is not strong and over “chemically,” like almost every deodorant that one can purchase in stores. It does keep you pretty fresh all day by targeting the bad, smelly bacteria created when you sweat.

NO MESS: Since this product is solid, it is pretty easy to apply. I just rub a bit of it under my arms and anywhere else I wish. I read some of the reviews online for this product and noticed that a lot of individuals were claiming that this product was messy because it breaks up fast. I have had mine for quite a while now and it is still in the same shape and has not yet been destroyed. That is another positive thing about T’eo, it lasts a LONG time !

OUCH: I have one major complaint about this product. If you apply it after you shave then it stings!! I do not know if I just have a bit more sensitive skin under my arms but it honestly hurts. Besides T’eo, I try to use one of the powder deodorants LUSH offers like the recently retired product, Coconut. 

INGREDIENTS: This product is packed with natural ingredients. There is not a lot of safe synthetics, such as the wax. But here is a list of the natural ingredients:

    • Tea Tree Oil (featured ingredient)
    • Lemongrass OIl
    • Cream of Tartar
    • Lemon Oil
    • Fresh Grape Juice
    • Blue Cornflower Petals
    • and much, much more!

I really enjoy using this product. I really enjoy and admire how I am trying to use as many products that have large amounts of packaging such as plastic, paper, cardboard, etc. T’eo is a great product to start with for a environmental friendly beauty collection (and everything else from LUSH)! Have you checked it out?

P.S. – I loved this adorable picture LUSH posted a on Love Your Pet Day! I have been laying out one of my LUSH bags to see if my cat, Jet, will explore it! But, he does love to sit on my laptop when I am working. He loves his attention!




Grease Lightning Spot Treatment

Sorry that I have not been posting a lot lately! This was a super busy week for me… I had a few exams, conferences and now I am moving rooms! What a wonderful weekend it will be… moving, blogging and finishing up homework! So since I have been a bit stressed I have started to break out in my T zone areas! When this happens, I reach for my favorite spot treatment, Grease Lightning from LUSH:



EFFECTIVE: This spot treatment is great… I love love LOVE it! I actually use this about every other day. I have really dry red skinned cheeks which need a little pick me up! This is the greatest product because it eliminates redness and calms down my skin tremendously! It is also great for problem, acne areas.

GREAT AROMA: I love the smell of this soothing cleanser. It smells like a fresh herb garden… in fact, I think that the feature ingredient is thyme.

CLEAR GEL: this spot treatment is a clear gel like consistency! I just use a pink and then rub it on the trouble areas. Remember – a little goes a long long way! I have had this bottle for about two years.

FRESH INGREDIENTS: Like every review… I always list the fresh ingredients in this product! One of the LUSH motto’s is to use fresh, clean ingredients. Here are the ones mixed in Grease Lightning: thyme, rosemary infusion, tea tree infusion, organic aloe vera extract, sea water, grape juice and so much more!

Overall, I highly suggest this spot treatment for all skin types. Like I said above, I use this for irritated dry skin! It works wonders. Have you tried this LUSH product yet?!

When my cat Jet starts to “break out” he likes to hide in shopping bags ;)!


Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar

Here is the final Christmas product from LUSH that I need to review! Yay!!! But… I cannot wait to see what LUSH holiday 2014 will be like. So the last product is the Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar. This is a cute little thing and it could be related to Valentine’s Day because it is hot pink!

Here is a product image:



SMELL: The smell of this product is the famous LUSH holiday scent, Snow Fairy. It is extremely sweet! Almost feels like you are rubbing cotton candy all over your body!

TEXTURE: This massage bar is super super creamy. It almost melts in your hand immediately once touched. When used on the skin, it is super hydrating and moisturizing.

EFFECTS: In the middle of the massage bar, there is a cube of luster! It makes your skin super sparkly and sweet! Highly recommend this bar to use before a night out!

HOLIDAY-MADNESS: Not only is this product Christmas oriented, I also think it could be related to Valentine’s Day also! The hot pink color, sweet aroma and array of luster makes for a sexy date!

Overall, this was a cool massage bar! It is not very large (which is kind of nice) so it has just a few uses. I like how it does not turn your skin hot pink when used. Unfortunately, this product is not available anymore but I found a link to is on the LUSH USA’s website which you can access here.

P.S. – my kitty, Jet, is ready for Valentine’s Day! He is trying to turn his beautiful jet black coat red by attempting to wear his  winter jacket!


Holiday Shipping Extravaganza

Hello all! It is the weekend before Christmas! Is everyone preparing for the holidays?! What are your holiday traditions? My family always bakes lots of apple crisps and sugar cookies, open presents at my Grandma’s on Christmas Eve and decorate the tree until you cannot see anymore green!!! If you want, I will upload a picture of it! Let me know 🙂

But anyways today I wanted to show you two of the LUSH shipping campaigns that I received over email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here they are:



  • The post to the left is on Instagram. As you can tell, it is a pun to a movie (or a few several films). Does anyone know?! Well I heard this most recentelly in The Campaign movie with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. How many of y’all have seen that movie? It is a raunchy comedy. But anyways, I really liked this one because it makes you smile and laugh a little inside!
  • The next post to the right was posted to Facebook. I am sure everyone knows where this originated from…. Hit me baby one more time! If the other one did not make you laugh, then this one will probably make you laugh more!

So these are really cool and unique ways to communicate that shipping needs to happen in a timely manner around Christmas time!!!!! Especially when we are this close to the holidays. Can you all think of any fun shipping puns?

And for even more laughs and extreme cuteness, I found these two monsters in my bed a couple of days ago! Meoooowy Christmas!!


Toothy Tabs- LUSH Review

Hello y’all! I hope everyone is full of thanksgiving food and is blogging away happily! (I sure am). Since it is Thanksgiving, I would like to take a moment to list the things I am thankful for: my family, my friends, my boyfriend, my cat, my dog, and of course, LUSH!

For the cat and dog lovers, here is my cat Jet and my dog Scooby on this eventful day!



Now back to business, toothy tabs from LUSH! I think toothy tabs are one of the most over looked products from LUSH. It is because they are different, unique and very innovative. In other words, they are strange.

I have tried the Sparkle flavor toothy tabs (the LUSH sales lady was very, very persuasive):



For those of you who have never tried or seen toothy tabs, here ya go! They are pretty small. Each box has 40 tabs in them and one tab equals one brush. To brush, you put one tab between your teeth, bite it and then start to brush like normal. Surprisingly, it foams up very well and feels/tastes exactly like toothpaste.

Positive aspects:

  • helping the environment (no waste)
  • know what products are in the toothpaste (no artificial ones)
  • clean feel after use

Negative aspects:

  • takes a long time to get used to (very different from normal toothpaste)
  • odd taste

LUSH has seven different types of toothy tabs. I believe the most normal is Dirty, which is a minty fresh taste and feel. But the one I went for (obviously by now..) is Sparkle. Sparkle is a citrus flavor one with black pepper in it. I do not care for the black pepper taste.

Overall, I think that toothy tabs are a very innovative idea, but they are pretty odd and take a while to get used to! Hopefully this helps clear up some toothy tab questions! Tata for now!