LUSH Holiday Bubble Bars

So this post goes along with my last one about LUSH holiday bath bombs. Although, this one is all about two holiday bubble bar products! Let get started… can anyone guess which two I will be reviewing?!

Candy Mountain bubble bar:



I LOVED this bubble bar. It was great. I actually think LUSH re-did this product last year and they did one good job! I loved the pink mixed with the white and the little pink dots around the mountain. This made my water a very light pink and added loads of luster! The smell is super sweet. It is a twin to the aroma, Snow Fairy! Not only was this bubble bar beautiful, it also created lots and lots and lots of bubbles! I found some information about this LUSH product on their UK website. There is also a cool video of the compounders making the product on ¬†LUSH’s Youtube channel which can be found here.

The Christmas Penguin bubble bar:


This was another great bubble bar from the LUSH holiday/Christmas collection. I loved the whole aroma and effects of this product! The smell is a twin to The Olive Branch shower gel. This is a great, great, great scent, let me tell ya! The penguin is also super adorable with its beady eyes and gumdrop candy nose. It turned my bath water a light baby blue. The only downfall of this product was smashing it under my faucet… I tried so hard to break it up and ended up taking a rolling pin in a bag to break it! The little penguin was hard as a rock! For more information about this little guy, I found a summery of it online at the LUSH UK website.

Let me know what Bubble Bars you have been using from LUSH in this new year!