Must Haves Summer Lacquer + Nail Art Favorites

Summer calls for bright, glittery, and colorful manis and pedis. I have especially been adoring three special shades:


FACE Stockholm has over 100 nail polish shades. That is a TON for a company that does not specializes in polish. My summer favorites from FACE Stockholm are #47 and #98. They both scream SUMMER! #98 (left) is a beautiful orange shimmer- I believe the base coat is orange and the shimmer is gold. #47 (right) is a gorgeous, mouth watering, deep watermelon pink! It almost looks red once applied.


There is no need to explain the importance of Essie nail lacquer in the polish world. Essie comes out with beautiful, innovative colors each season that highlights trends. A huge trend this summer is cobalt blue polish! Yes – the dark, rich, creamy, deep blue. I absolutely adore this light cobalt called strut your stuff. It is the perfect showstopper without being to unusual.

And as promised, here are my favorite nail art and nail shades from various social media accounts:

P.S. – I have discovered a NEW nail love on Instagram – @nailjob. Her work is beyond fabulous. I love the glitter looks and clear polish designs.

Square Hue 02.14 Collection

I LOVED my Square Hue polishes this month. They were unique and very innovative. The inspiration behind the February 2014 collection was Tokyo. This is also a part of The Passport Collection. If you do not know what Square Hue is, you can find more information here on their website. Basically, it is a monthly nail polish service for $15! It is a great deal for three, sturdy polishes. Here are pictures of my 02.14 Collection:



  • Roppongi – this is the name of the green glitter polish! I was so excited to see this color… it is awesome! Not a lot of nail polish collectors probably have such a light green in their collection that is infused with glitter. This is the first polish I wore from the three and really liked it!
  • Shibuya – this is the magenta micro glitter polish. I have not yet worn this one yet but it is so BEAUTIFUL! I love how vibrant the purple is. It just makes me want to smile! I think the micro glitter means that the glitter pieces are microscope compared to the glitter in Roppongi.
  • Ginza – lastly, this is the name of the blue shimmer polish! I have worn this one. It is very pretty and very smooth and creamy. I love the light shimmer aspect you get in the blue! I was also surprised by how long the polishes lasted without chipping!

What do you think of the Tokyo collection?

Square Hue 7.13 Collection

Hello all! So for my nail polish fans out there, here is a post about one of my favorite Square Hue collections from 2013 Salute Collection. If you do not know how or what Square Hue is you can visit there website at: It is an awesome monthly nail polish purchase for only $15!

So here are the polishes and polishes from the Salute collection:


  1. Honor (gold) – I am IN LOVE with this polish. It is great because it is insanely sparkly. In fact, I love it and wear it so much it is on my nails right now! This color is a light gold with a high volume of shimmer in it.
  2. Patriot (blue) – This is another favorite of mine from Square Hue because I do not have a color like it so far in my entire polish collection! I like this royal or cobalt blue! It is fabulous and very very rich in color! This was on my nails a few times over 2013!
  3. Valor (greenish grey) – I am actually not sure where this color qualities in the color spectrum. It is grey but has a army green tint! I think that was the purpose of this color, a grayish-greenish lacquer! This is also a pretty unique shade.

So this is the July 2013 Square Hue collection! If you cannot tell by now, the three shades are inspired out of the America/Military eras. It is quite unique because every month they come out with a completely new different collection based on something very original! If you are a Square Hue subscriber or have used some of their polishes let me know! I am interested to see how other people view this monthly program!

Tata for now!