Danger! Cosmetics-To-Go Book Review

Hello all! I have some great news… my blog just hit 100 followers! That has been a personal goal of mine for a while now. I am so happy that I accomplished it! Today, I wanted to do a book review on the LUSH book, Danger! Cosmetics-To-Go. This book tells the story of the company before LUSH and helps to describe why LUSH is that way it is today! Here is the cover of the book:




  • 130 pages long
  • Full of color
  • By Mira Manga
  • All LUSHies will adore it!
  • Made with 100% recycled paper
  • Whimsical
  • History on the company before LUSH, Cosmetics-To-Go

I loved reading this book. It took me about two days over my Thanksgiving break to get through the entire work. It is very interesting because it talks about the superior individuals who created LUSH and where they worked before LUSH at Cosmetics-To-Go. Also, it shares the different, unique product created at Cosmetics-To-Go and how some of them rolled over to LUSH. The book was also very very colorful and whimsical! Every page had its own layout filled with vibrant colors. Here were four of my favorite layouts:





  1. The first picture shows all of the “Christmas To Go” products! I love the look of this page. The bright red is phenomenal and of course, is very timely and fitting. This page also introduces the Hot Toddy bath product that LUSH sometimes sneaks into their collection around the holidays.
  2. The second picture is actually the back of the book. It has about 20 different covers of the Cosmetics-To-Go magazine. Each cover is very unique and extremely different from others. I want to find a vintage one and look through it!
  3. This third layout describes the values of Cosmetics-To-Go or “The Ten Company Rules”. Some of them are value people before profit, behave ethically, develop and promote talent from within, benefit from the use of new technology and so on. You might recognize some of the values on this page because they are similar to the LUSH We Believe statement.
  4. I love this last picture because it shows how Cosmetics-To-Go wanted to keep all of their products fresh. THe layout is also super creative because it looks like a store front! The Cosmetics-To-Go products featured on this page are the fresh Papaya Cleanser, fresh Herb Mask, fresh Asparagus Mask and the fresh Chopped Tomato foot mask. Does all this freshness sound familiar?!

Overall, I really enjoyed this read. It was informational and interesting to see where LUSH inherited all of their values. I also liked to learn about the products that started from Cosmetics-To-Go that have now evolved into LUSH! For instance, the Blackberry Bath Bomb was originally a Cosmetics-To-Go product! Here is a social media post related to Danger! Cosmetics-To-Go from the LUSH Facebook page:



Have you read this book yet LUSHies?!


Love Locket Bath Bomb

How many of you are LUSH bath fans? After a long day out galloping through the snow or whatever you do in these frigid months, a LUSH bath is key at the end of the day. LUSH’s Valentine’s limited edition bath bomb, Love Locket, makes for a perfect bath! It is so big it splits up into three separate baths! I used the whole thing at once since my tub is huge:




HUGE BATH BOMB: this is probably the biggest bath bomb I have ever used from LUSH… it was bigger than my hand! The bath bomb is made to break into three separate parts so you can use it three times. I used all mine at once since my bath tub is pretty large! It was super easy to break… no need to bring out the rolling pin! I think the price for this ballistic ($10.95) is a bit over priced…. but it is basically a three bath use!

FRESH INGREDIENTS: like all LUSH products this bath bomb has many fresh ingredients which add to the overall texture and scent of the bath! Love Locket has jasmine absolute, fair trade vanilla absolute, neroli oil and gardenia extract in it! The smell of the bath was super mellow and calming. No crazy, over the top citrus scents here! I enjoyed having a calm bath! I read a book for about an hour and a half before noticing all that time went by soaking in my Love Locket! I was pretty water logged!

EFFECTS: Like most LUSH bath bombs, this one had some awesome effects! Every section of this bath bomb released mini pink heart confetti that did not melt in the bath! After you drain the tub, they get stuck to the bottom which was the only bummer. Other than the confetti there was not much else! The small heart had mini red pieces in it that melted. I wish there was some glitter or something to add to this ballistic! Maybe a sweet Valentine message like in the Blackberry Bomb?

LIMITED EDITION: Like all of the LUSH Valentine’s products, this one is limited edition! Get it as soon as possible! I am not sure when they will stop selling the Valentine goodies but it is probably sooner than later!

Have you tried Love Locket? Share your experience about any of the LUSH Valentine’s products below!

And of course… some social media to finish off this post. This Facebook post is from the LUSH Cosmetics Mohegan Sun Casino that describes Love Locket. I really like how they broke it in half! The insides of bath bombs are always mysteries!:




So since I am feeling a bit down today, I thought that it was time for a wonderful haul post! I went shopping at the LUSH in Herald Square, NYC about two weeks ago. I got a bunch of goodies! Some I have used and some I am still waiting to use!

Here is the haul:



  • Blackberry bath bomb – I have not tried this bath ballistic in a while. It was actually one of the first bath bombs created by Cosmetics-To-Go that branched over to LUSH! It is a classic blackberry scent (which I adore) with a hidden message in the center! I cannot wait to review this bath bomb.
  • Porridge soap – I have never ever tried this soap! The sales lady helping me talked me into it! It does smell great and looks like it even has an exfoliating texture. I got a brand new slice from the huge bar!
  • Decisive lip color – I also went for a new lipstick in the Emotional Brilliance line. As you can tell in the picture, this one is super red but has a great shimmer to it! Surprisingly, I have been wearing it a bit!
  • Vanillary perfume – I had to purchase this… the smell is so comforting and perfect for the cold winter months! This is only my second LUSH perfume. Someday, I want to try all of them! Cannot wait to review this spray. I got it in the .3 oz since (spray stick).
  • Jungle solid conditioner – I just finished the Big solid conditioner in the shower yesterday! I wanted to repurchase it but decided to try Jungle first! I have not used it yet but looking forward to how it works!
  • T’eo solid deodorant – This is another new product for me! I have only tried the Coconut deodorant from LUSH (which I love). I like how this one is in a solid bar form which is super super easy to use (especially under the arms). I use this deodorant before I go to bed and love it! The scent is super fresh.
  • Sample time! – Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo is the sample I picked! This is the only liquid shampoo from LUSH that I have not tried… I already used it and was not sure I loved the smell or noticed anything special with my hair! But I might try it out again for sure.

I had a great experience shopping at the adorable LUSH store in Herald Square. This is my go-to LUSH store in NYC because it is super, super close to Penn Station! Only one block away I think… I loved this trip so much I took some pictures of the store and the lovely sales lady who was helping me. Let me know if you have ever shopped at this LUSH location in the heart of NYC: