The New LUSH Easter Treat: Golden Egg

How many of you LUSHies out there have been listening to all of the rave about the new LUSH Easter product and LUSH invention called Golden Egg? LUSH claims that this bath product is a bath bomb melt, which means it fizzes up like a bath bomb but creates a rich, moisturizing, luxurious texture in your tub like a bath melt! I think it is quite unique… so I was super eager to try it! Here are some pictures of Golden Egg in the tub:


BOMB/MELT: Like I mentioned in the intro paragraph, this is a bath bomb AND a bath melt! It fizzes when you drop it in the hot water like a bath bomb, but it also releases a ton of moisturizing oils! The bath water then becomes a interesting color and is super oily.

SMELL: LUSH claims this product smells like honey and toffee. I think it smell like honey yogurt! To me, it has an odd dairy aroma (please tell me I am not the only one). But honestly, the smell is not strong at all and is quite relaxing!

WATER COLOR: The bath water turns a highlighter yellow color, which is a tiny downfall. It is pretty unattractive! I wish it was a bit more gold and not as fluorescent. The gold shimmer does help this unattractive yellow and makes the water more gold-ish!

GLITTER: As you can probably tell from the product, it is packed with GLITTER! Like there is a ton of it! It gets everywhere.. all over your hands and once you drain your tub, it is coated with a gold shimmer! But a major plus is that the glitter does NOT stay on your body!

INGREDIENTS: Here are the fresh ingredients in this handmade Bath Bomb Melt: olive oil, fair trade organic cocoa butter, sweet wild orange oil, bergamot oil, cornflour, and much much more! This product is also vegan.

Overall, I actually enjoyed trying out this LUSH product because it is innovative, new and extremely unique! Maybe LUSH will come out with a yearly Bath Bomb Melt if this one is successful! Lets keep our fingers crossed! Now onto some social media about the Golden Egg:


Both of these posts are from Facebook. The one on the left is from the LUSH Cosmetics Facebook page. This post is raving about Golden Egg (the first bath bomb melt)! The post on the right is from the LUSH Cosmetics Willowbrook Mall page! This post is showing a sneak peak of the LUSH Easter goodies that premiered in stores on March 24! This is a cool post because it highlights a ton of the Easter products!

P.S. – Have you entered the secret message from the LUSH Golden Egg hunt (only USA and Canada, I believe)! Do not miss out! Hurry, hurry because the entries end tonight! You could be one of the ten winners. The rules are here.

The Melting Snowman Bath Melt

Hello all! Sorry for not posting yesterday… Tuesdays are my super busy days at school (I have four classes!). Anyways, time for one of my almost last LUSH holiday bath product reviews… this one was a favorite of mine from the past holiday collection, The Melting Snowman!

Here are some product images:




  • Very luxurious – I loved how oily this made my bath. It was so so so hydrating and very moisturizing! You could honestly tell that your water was becoming a bit thicker as the bath melt dissolved in the hot tub water.
  • Unique smell – I also loved how unique this product was from other LUSH holiday aromas. It had a strong cinnamon scent with a hint of orange! The featured ingredient in this little guy is almond oil.


  • Poor design – I was not a huge fan of this design… the poor snowman’s nose fell off before he even made it home! The five chocolate chips also stuck to the bottom of my tub. It was a bit of an extra step to clean and scrap off my tub.

Overall, I enjoyed this bath melt a lot! LUSH only came out with a few other bath melts this past year with their holiday collection. One of them included the Star Light, Star Bright (which I reviewed below and is my absolute FAVORITE). If you wish to learn more about The Melting Snowman bath bomb you can visit LUSH’s UK website here. Unfortunately, it is not available anymore but I am sure they will come out with this again next Christmas! For now, try LUSH’s other luxurious bath melts!


Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt Review

Hello everyone! I just arrived back to New York. It has been one, crazy, travel break! My family and I took a road trip from New York to Georgia to visit my family for the holidays. Then, we drove to Charleston, SC to explore the southern city. Finally, I flew to Houston for a week to visit friends! So yes, it has been one crazy, crazy break! But I did get some phenomenal LUSH goodies! I cannot wait to review and post all the different products. My gifts are mainly from the holiday collection and Retro line. I will be reviewing all them in the upcoming weeks! But for now, I want to review the holiday bath melt, Star Light Star Bright.

Here are some pre bath and action bath images:



  • Great citrus smell! It is unbelievably refreshing!
  • Awesome experience – this melt was amazingly beautiful. First, you have the silver luster around the star. Second, there is a piece of turquoise melt in the middle that turns your water a faint blue. Third, the turquoise piece has a bunch of royal blue luster in it. As you can tell from the pictures, this luster stays in little blue pieces that are extremely hydrating in your tub.
  • All the hydration!!! This has to be the most hydrating bath melt ever from LUSH. When I got out of the bath, my skin was super soft. I highly suggest this for people with troubled winter skin.


  • A little small – the only negative part of this experience was the minimal amount of product in my tub, I wish that it was a little larger and had more meat to it. The bigger the better in my mind!

So far, this has to be one of my absolute favorite holiday bath products from LUSH. I enjoyed the entire experience. I would give this bath bomb a 4.6 out of 5. I do not think that this is available anymore online but it still might be in your local LUSH Cosmetics store! If anything, I am sure that this will be a returning product for the next holiday season!

Tata for now! Ohh… and I hope everyone has a safe, healthy and happy New Years! 2014 here we come!


Since it seems a lot of my followers love haul posts, here are some recent LUSH purchases this past month.

I decided to splurge and take a chance to try some of the Retro products. The Retro and non- Retro products that I purchased included…

  • Rose Jam shower gel (now a part of the Christmas collection)
  • Ibiza Party hair shampoo
  • Gumback Express shower smoothie
  • In The Nude bath melt
  • Schnuggle body butter
  • Let The Good Times Roll (non-retro, can get in stores)
  • sample- Sea Vegetable soap



I have tried all of the products. My favorite and most used would be the Rose Jam shower gel (smells exactly like the Rose Jam bubble bar) and the Schnuggle body butter.  Schnuggle is phenomenal because it is used outside of the shower and since I am not a huge lotion fan, I use it almost daily. It is similar to other body butter or massage bars but the nice thing about Schnuggle is that it leaves your skin moist but not sticky like other lotions do.

Ibiza Party is also a pretty good shampoo. Originally, I purchased it because LUSH claimed it “helps with de-tangeling” (which is totally false). But another reason I purchased it is because it helps with dry scalp and is a great combination to the scalp treatment from LUSH, Superbalm.

Gumback Express is an interesting product. it drew me in because I am a lover of almond and banana items, which are the main two ingredients in this one of a kind shower smoothie. Even though the smell is a tad bit funky, I enjoy using this at least once a week to exfoliate. The almond chunks really do the job well.

Let The Good Times Roll is one of my all time favorite products from LUSH because it smells phenomenal and the holiday season is quickly approaching. I highly recommend this facial cleanser for anyone who loves sweet smells (or likes eating graham crackers). It is not harsh on the skin so I believe that it will work nicely for all skin types.

For information about In The Nude– visit my bog bellow “In The Nude Bath Trio”

To learn more about each product visit:

Tata for now! If you have any questions for me or want to know any more about the products I did not go into detail with, comment below! 🙂

In The Nude Bath Trio

With the start of the dry and cold winter air, I decided to celebrate the beginning of this season with a special bath trio! Recently I purchased the Retro, In The Nude bath melt because according to LUSH, it is used “for dry, sore or irritated skin.” I have an obsession with bath melts and thought that this one would be very beneficial for the winter months.

Here is the link to In The Nude:,en_US,pd.html#q=In%2520The%2520Nude&start=1

Besides In The Nude, the trio was:

  1.  In The Nude bath melt
  2. Lavender bath confetti
  3. Tulip bubble stick


I purchased the lavender confetti at a store in Rhinebeck, NY called Merriweathers. If you are not from the NY area, I am sure that you would not have a problem at all finding confetti online.

The other product I used in the bath was the Tulip bubble bar on a stick from the LUSH Easter collection. LUSH is not selling this product anymore but they have the Magic Wand bubble bar stick in their Christmas collection, which I am sure is the same. For this product, you put it under the faucet and then all of the bubbles start to form as the tub fills up.



I really enjoyed this bath trio. The water was extra hydrating and soothing from the In The Nude bath melt. The Tulip bubble stick also added all of the bubbles and added the smell one of my favorite LUH products, Yuzu and Cocoa bubble bar. Finally, the bath confetti added a bit of fun and made the tub look pretty.