Lipstick Tray of 2015

Lipstick – each vibrant shade can transform your look & day 

FACE Stockholm Lipsticks

I am falling in love all over again with lipsticks. This acrylic tray holds 24 tubes and allows you to display the shades you love! Most of my collection (at least the products pictured here) is from FACE Stockholm. With over 100 shades to choose from, FACE has it ALL!

Here are my Top 5 from this collection:

  1. Strawberry Veil – a sheer pink. Strawberry Veil is my GO TO lipstick. Easy to apply, stays on long, semi-natural looking, and moisturizes – the perfect combinations for a daily lipstick!
  2. Smile – a hot fuchsia shade with a dose of shimmer. I cannot get over how bright, fun, and eccentric Smile is! It honestly is a color that will brighten and liven anyone’s day.
  3. Bästa – a deep marsala. I adore this trendy shade. With Marsala being the Pantone color of 2015, Bästa will take your style and #FOTD to the next level! P.S. – Bästa means supreme in Swedish!
  4. Success – a sophisticated, toned pink. A universal lip color, like Success, is a necessity for all makeup collections! Similar to a day and night wardrobe, this lipstick can go from the work environment to the latest social event.
  5. Matte Sahara – a true nude with a matte effect. This is a perfect lipstick to pair with a dramatic, smokey eye. I think it is sooo simple and elegant yet edgy. It really is a twist from an ordinary nude with a slight pink hue and matte properties.

Interested in other shades? Here is the full list starting from bottom left and going up: Leva, Matte Sahara, Softly, Diva – Light Mist, Matte Fashion, Wineberry Veil, Ansvar – Naked, Cranberry Veil, Bästa, Mantra – Fame Factory, Strawberry Veil, Instinct, Smile – Success, Silk, Stunning Matte, Matte Desert – Friendship Veil, Vibe, Flirt, Raspberry Veil


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