Pinterest Power Book Review

This is the first book review on my blog. I am trying to catch up on my social media reading before I go back to Marist next semester. There are sooo many books available for individuals looking to create a strong, quality presence on social media. Pinterest Power by  Jason Miles and Karen Lacey is a favorite because it offers an in-depth description on how to effectively communicate to other “Pinners” and create an engage pin for Pinterest.

Pinterest Power

Jason Miles published other books. Some are titled Instagram Power, Email Marketing Power, and Youtube Marketing Power. Here is a list of the key points I took from Pinterest Power:

  • Download the “Pin It” button onto your browser
  • Integrate Pinterest with other social media outlets
  • Analysis progress with Google Analytics
  • Use keywords in pins
  • Do not info dump – post an appropriate amount of pins each week
  • There can be multiple “pinners” on one board
  • Like, re-pin, and comment others
  • Add watermarks to images
  • Make sure your boards are tied to a Pinterest category

These are just some of the highlights. Right when I finished the book, I logged onto my Pinterest and revamped it. I re-ordered my boards, renamed my boards, added categories, added keywords, added my blog address, and more. Check out my new Pinterest profile now to see for yourself! I even have an entire board dedicated to being a “LUSHie” ;)!

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 2.02.06 PM


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