New Favorite Bath – Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb

This was the product I HAD to try from the Mother’s Day LUSH range. Anything that creates relaxation is a key product! Inhale Exhale did not disappoint! If you are looking for a interesting, relaxing, and beautifully smelling bath bomb, continue reading!


AROMA: Inhale Exhale has the aroma of the famous LUSH perfume, Breath of God. It is intriuging, earthy, and quite unique! Breath of God is in the list of the “Top 100 Greatest Perfumes of all Time.” The Inhale (red side) has a fruity scent and fizzes quickly. The Exhale (blue side) has a earthy, amber scent and takes a while to fizz. Together, they make the Breath of God Gorilla perfume!

COLORS: I loved the in this colors bath! The water was first a light red and then turned into a deep violet (hence, red and blue make purple). I also enjoyed how the red immediately fizzed and how the blue took at least 10 mins. to fizz out. It was very beautiful!

SURPRISE: I was shocked to see the note in the middle! I had no idea there would be such a positive message inside. A few other bath bombs from LUSH (Blackberry and Fizzbanger) have paper notes inside of them. This message says “Inhale, lay back under the water, listen to our heartbeat, Exhale and relax.” My mother used Inhale Exhale the other night and raved about how relaxing the entire bath experience was.

LIMITED EDITION: This is a new, limited edition LUSH invention. It is only available during Mother’s Day. Although, I am sure they will sell after May 11 (this Sunday) until they run out! Make sure to pick up an Inhale Exhale if you are in need of a deep relaxation!

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this bath bomb are ylang ylang oil, neroli oil, black pepper oil, lemon oil, cedarwood oil, grapefruit oil, vetivert oil, and much more! Inhale Exhale is packed with all types of oils, which creates a very hydrating bath. This product is also vegan.

Overall, I suggest Inhale Exhale because it is a unique product from LUSH that is limited edition! I wish it was available all year round… I need to pick up a bunch before the holiday is over! Social Media was also RAVING about Inhale Exhale. I have seen many LUSH locations posting about the aroma and special effects. Check it out:

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 1.31.28 PMIMG_6625

Even I “Instagramed” a picture of this beautiful bath!




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