Basics of Social Media Posts

I collect posts  from different companies or sponsored ads that highlight the social media basics. The basics can be creative, newsworthy, timely, competitive, and much more! Since my collection is getting pretty large, I wanted to share some of my favorite social media posts from the last few months.

Twitter Ad – Yoplait Greek: #TasteOff is a phenomenal idea! Yoplait Greek created a mini survey to inform consumers about the differences between them and their competitor, Chobani. This tweet is very creative: “#TasteOff and tell! Put Yoplait Greek and Chobani spoon to spoon. Read more:…” I love the “spoon to spoon” aspect because it is playing of the cliche – head to head. Great idea Yoplait Greek!



Facebook Sponsored Ad – Zzz Quil: I loved this Facebook sponsored ad. I vividly remember the night I saw this after the SuperBowl (Seattle won)! It is super creative, timely, and newsworthy! The creative aspect is “Seattle is going to be sleepless tonight.” How many of y’all have ever seen the movie Sleepless in Seattle? This was a great move on ZzzQuil’s part. Social media is an awesome tool for PR practitioners since it is in realtime.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 10.47.02 PM


Facebook Post – Keil James Patrick: Keil James Patrick is a preppy, Northeastern clothing and accessory collection. It was founded by Keil James Patrick (who has a fabulous Instagram by the way). I like this Facebook post because it demonstrates how social media can be a marketing and contest tool. These methods also allow for consumer participation. With this post, if you  “like” or “share” it you could have the chance to win one of the items from the new pearl collection. The motto for this new collection is “Classy Girls Wear Pearls” – this is a great saying that fits the overall brand!



Facebook Post – Lilly Pulitzer: Collaborations are always a smart idea because they increase a companies target audience. In this case, Lilly Pulitzer partnered with Estee Lauder to create a limited edition make-up bag! This is a great partnership because they both have a target audience of wealthy, adult women. This post also highlights a competition and a hashtag, #LillyLovesEstee



Facebook Post – LUSH Cosmetics: This is another collaboration post. During LUSH’s #signoflove campaign during Valentine’s Day, LUSH partnered with All Out to promote equality for LGBT individuals globally. This is a wonderful idea because it creates a global audience for LUSH! The only downfall about this post is the length. It is a bit long. Non-profits are a phenomenal way to increase awareness about a company.


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