Rose Explosion + Bath Friends

Rose bath products are always very popular. LUSH makes quite a few. They have Rose Jam and Rose Queen! These bath products are loaded with rose petals, rose oils, and rose absolute! I will be reviewing the Rose Queen bath bomb for this post!



AROMA: Once Rose Queen has dissolved, the bath water is very floral and rose-y. The smell is similar to having over a dozen roses blooming throughout your house. It is STRONG! If you are not a rose or floral fan, do not get this bath bomb. I am a fan of rose, so I love this bath bomb! My mom is also a floral freak and adores this bath.

SIZE: Rose Queen is a small bath bomb compared to most of the other ones LUSH creates. This probably has to do with the strong, overwhelming rose smell. There is not enough product to turn your bath water any significant color besides a very light pink.

DEBRIS: As you can see in the picture on the bottom right, this bath bomb has a collection of flowers in the middle of it! I enjoy little surprises like this in my bath. But a surprise, means lots of debris. Rose Queen especially had a lot of petals and flower parts floating around.

INGREDIENTS: Rose Queen is composed of rose absolute, golden needle lily petals (picture), amaranth flowers, apple blossom, blue mallow flowers, and larkspur flowers. The ingredients show how floral this bath bomb is in the tub! SUPER FLORAL! This product also has a few safe synthetics and it is vegan.

Overall, I suggest Rose Queen for only the LUSHies or bath lovers who have a desire to soak in petals and breath in roses! It does make for a nice Summer and Spring bath.

I am not a huge rubber duck fan, but I do have two little ducks that I put in my tub sometimes. I am a HUGE cat fan. So these ducks are perfect 😉 !



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