Banana Moon Soap

Attention All LUSHies – the Banana Moon Retro Soap review is here! Who loves bananas? This soap is packed with fresh bananas and works miracles on dry skin. Check out the review now and see if you’re bananas for this soap!


AROMA: This product screams bananas. There is nothing to it… just bananas! If you are not a banana fan, it takes a while to get used too.

DRY SKIN: LUSH claims this product is one of their most moisturizing soaps. It works wonders on people who suffer from dry skin. I have dry skin and have not noticed this soap helping it. I will use it more this week and comment below on the results!

EXFOLIATION: I was surprised when I started using this soap because it has some odd exfoliating feature. It does not mention on the LUSH website that it exfoliates. The soap has crushed black flakes in it! Banana Moon makes for a harsh exfoliation.

COMBO: Pair Banana Moon with Gumback Express to get the full banana experience! Gumback Express is a LUSH Retro Shower Smoothie. You can read my review here. After the shower or bath, rub your skin with Sympathy for the Skin to block in the moisture and add even more of a banana scent to your soft skin!

RETRO: This product is available in the LUSH Retro collection online. You cannot get Banana Moon in stores. If you are interested in this product, order it quick before they run out!

INGREDIENTS: Surprisingly, this LUSH soap is mainly composed of safe synthetics. The natural ingredients in Banana Moon are scarce. Some of the ingredients include fresh bananas, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, and organic yogurt. This product is not vegan.

I enjoy this soap because it is unique and very fruity from the other LUSH soaps. Oh, and how many times did I write banana in this post?!

3 thoughts on “Banana Moon Soap

  1. Sophie says:

    Wow I was convinced this soap would be super hydrating! Then again Lush does disappoint pretty often in my opinion. Thanks for the review, purchase avoided! 🙂


    • andypuskar says:

      It is not a bad soap… but like I said, I do not think it is as hydrating as LUSH claims. I am sorry that LUSH disappoints… I enjoy almost every product! You are welcome for the review!


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