A Heated Product: Volcano Foot Mask

Why do you think this LUSH product is called Volcano? Here’s a hint: it heats up your feet! That sounds a bit weird… but it feels great and works wonders! Buckle up and get ready for a review on the LUSH Volcano!


AROMA: Volcano has a strong cinnamon smell. You get used to it pretty quick. I actually enjoy it now! It is one of the LUSH products where you can leave it open on your desk and it will odorize the entire room!

HOT & COLD: The name of the foot mask gives it away… this product heats up your feet! Once you rub Volcano all over your foot (& toes too), you will notice it heating up a bit. It feels great! I usually use Volcano when I take a bath. A downfall about Volcano is rubbing it off because your feet feel very cold!

DETOXING: LUSHies use Volcano to eliminate odor, exfoliate rough skin, and to clean away all the dirt. Therefore, this product is a life saver for smelly feet. It does an AWESOME job combating all the dirt and germs.

THE BAGS: Volcano can be messy (hence, it’s on your feet). Usually, I put on the product and then tie a plastic shopping bag around my foot. LUSH also mentions this technique. It looks silly, but at least you can walk!


AFTER LOTION: I suggest using a moisturizing, fresh lotion after this treatment. LUSH makes the perfect one: Fair Trade Foot Lotion. This is minty, moisturizing, and of course, PINK! Fair Trade Foot Lotion is also refreshing after working out and taking hot showers. Feel free to check out my LUSH Foot Products post.

INGREDIENTS: LUSH packed Volcano with an interesting combination of natural ingredients. These are just a few: pumice, lemon oil, potatoes, fresh papaya, fresh tomatoes, and cinnamon leaf oil. It is also vegan.

Have you tried Volcano or any other foot care product from LUSH?


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