Believe – A Good Word for Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone is having a phenomenal day and eating tons of Easter goodies! One of my favorite parts of Easter is to see what everyone is wearing… I am a huge fan of dresses, pastel colors, bright lips, and so on! Easter fashion is pretty great. For this post, I want to do a review on the lip color I wore this Easter from the LUSH Cosmetics Emotional Brilliance line, Believe! 



COLOR: As you can tell, this is a beautiful pink shade that has a nice coral undertone. LUSH claims that this color is a “raspberry-pink matte.” I semi agree. This lipstick makes your lips quite pink, but not a raspberry shade. I believe it is more of a orange-pink. This color is also considered matte since it does not have any sparkles in it.

LONG-WEAR: Once you put this lipstick on, it takes a while to come off! Super, super long wear. It also stains your lips. So when the color does wear off, the lips are stained pink. It is very pretty. I like to put on a moisturizing lip balm before I apply Believe because it makes the product more like a lipstick rather than a stain.

BELIEVE: Emotional Brillance is an awesome collection that LUSH created. The concept of this make up line is great because rather than being objective and just makeup without any meaning, LUSH has made is subjective. Each product within the collection has a special meaning tied to a characteristic. Obviously, this lip stick is called Believe and insures that “you believe in yourself and you can achieve anything that you desire!”

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this lipstick are primarily safe synthetics. Although, there are a few natural products. These are jojoba oil, candelilla rose wax, and rose wax. All of the Emotional Brilliance lipsticks have these three natural ingredients I believe.

Have you tried any of the Emotional Brilliance make up products from LUSH? Here is an awesome store set up of the Emotional Brilliance line in the LUSH Lexington store in NYC:


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