Butter London: The Black Night

I realized today that I have not posted anything recently about nail polish! So today, I want to showcase one of my favorite dark nail polishes from Butter London, The Black Night. I got this polish from an Ulta in Houston, TX.



This is a pretty unique polish from Butter London! Normally, I picture Butter London lacquers being pretty straight forward with only solid colors and metallics. I was shocked to find a color this unique. It is a black base with mainly turquoise and pink glitter in it. The polish is creamy and does not have a sand like texture once it is applied. I mixed this polish with a OPI black one. I really like the combination!

I also wanted to show y’all some of my recent nail art designs from the @nailitmag Instagram account! I love the flowers, polka dots, metal studs, and various geometric designs. Here are a few of them:






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