LUSH Packing Methods

It is no secret that I love, love days where I get a LUSH package in the mail! It makes me so happy! Even my cat loves to rub against the box all day. LUSH packs their boxes with packing peanuts which are supposedly edible, water soluble, and biodegradable! So they are safe to eat… I guess? Well, I hope so because I tested this theory out! The packing peanuts actually are not to bad. I wouldn’t grab a handful and eat them for a snack but they taste like kettle corn and smell like popcorn! These peanuts are used to protect the products throughout shipment and are biofoam/envirofill packing peanuts that are 100% biodegradable.


LUSH also has a few other enviornmentaly-friendly features from their packing:

  • Recyclable packing tape: this tape is tamper proof and stronger than most other package tapes. Plus, who doesn’t love all of the LUSH symbols and messages on the tape?:



  • Cardboard box made from recyclable materials and wood excelsior. Wood excelsior is 100% biodegradable. I also love all of the messages LUSH puts on the inside of their box to promote a different ways to recycle product containers:


  • TPDA biodegradable plastic bags: LUSH uses these bags to protect bath products during shipping. In fact, I have to say that they do protect the products well by keeping all of the fallouts in the same bag. These bags degrade in 18 months rather than 25 years like normal bags.
  • LUSH gifts are wrapped with recycled paper.

Overall, I believe LUSH is doing a great job ensuring that their packing materials are as environmentally friendly as possible. What do y’all think?

6 thoughts on “LUSH Packing Methods

  1. judyandmakeup says:

    Interesting post! One time I got a package in the mail that had those packaging peanuts in them, the next morning I woke up and my dog had eaten some! I was so worried that she’s get sick or something so I did some research online and was so surprised to find that they’re edible! I was much less worried after finding that out 🙂


  2. Girl on a Road Bike says:

    Over here, in the UK, Lush pack stuff in popcorn! It’s a fabulous idea and theoretically biodegradable, but two day old popcorn is never going to taste good.


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