Solid Deodorant: T’eo

How many of you out there can claim that you have used a solid deodorant? I was one who never, in a 100 years, thought about using one until I learned about T’eo from LUSH Cosmetics. T’eo is a great deodorant to start with from LUSH because it is easy to put on, solid, and smells great.


SOLID: As I mentioned in the intro, this deodorant is completely solid. There is no packaging at all. It is almost like a huge chalk ball (or that is what it reminds me of). The consistency is also quite chalky and easily breaks apart for use. Before I used this product, I always wondered what was on the bottom of it! Well, it is wax! LUSH dips the bottom of this bar into wax to prevent any major crumbles and to make it extra sturdy. Here is a video of LUSH explaining how they make this product if you are interested!

AROMA: T’eo is the most normal smelling deodorant that LUSH offers. It is fresh – just like deodorants are supposed to be. I also really enjoy the subtleness of it because it is not strong and over “chemically,” like almost every deodorant that one can purchase in stores. It does keep you pretty fresh all day by targeting the bad, smelly bacteria created when you sweat.

NO MESS: Since this product is solid, it is pretty easy to apply. I just rub a bit of it under my arms and anywhere else I wish. I read some of the reviews online for this product and noticed that a lot of individuals were claiming that this product was messy because it breaks up fast. I have had mine for quite a while now and it is still in the same shape and has not yet been destroyed. That is another positive thing about T’eo, it lasts a LONG time !

OUCH: I have one major complaint about this product. If you apply it after you shave then it stings!! I do not know if I just have a bit more sensitive skin under my arms but it honestly hurts. Besides T’eo, I try to use one of the powder deodorants LUSH offers like the recently retired product, Coconut. 

INGREDIENTS: This product is packed with natural ingredients. There is not a lot of safe synthetics, such as the wax. But here is a list of the natural ingredients:

    • Tea Tree Oil (featured ingredient)
    • Lemongrass OIl
    • Cream of Tartar
    • Lemon Oil
    • Fresh Grape Juice
    • Blue Cornflower Petals
    • and much, much more!

I really enjoy using this product. I really enjoy and admire how I am trying to use as many products that have large amounts of packaging such as plastic, paper, cardboard, etc. T’eo is a great product to start with for a environmental friendly beauty collection (and everything else from LUSH)! Have you checked it out?

P.S. – I loved this adorable picture LUSH posted a on Love Your Pet Day! I have been laying out one of my LUSH bags to see if my cat, Jet, will explore it! But, he does love to sit on my laptop when I am working. He loves his attention!





6 thoughts on “Solid Deodorant: T’eo

  1. Joanna says:

    I have to say that my T’eo seems to break into pieces just when it’s sitting in its bag by itself! I agree that it can sting a lot when you’ve just shaved too so using another one on those days is a good idea 🙂


    • andypuskar says:

      Hmm that is so weird! I have never really experienced any major breakage with this product! I keep it on my medicine cabinet shelf not in a bag… so maybe that is why? I have noticed little crumbs when I apply it sometimes.


      • andypuskar says:

        That could be it. If you are to aggressive applying it, that could also cause breakage! I was trying to put a lot on the other night and I noticed crumbs flying everywhere!


    • andypuskar says:

      Yeah T’eo is a great start for someone looking into natural beauty! It is awesome that it does not have any packaging and is not to offensive like a lot of other deodorants.


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