The Immaculate Eggception: 3 in 1 Bath Bomb

This will be my last Easter bath product review! The other product I got from the Easter range is the Carrot Soap. That review will be next along with a haul! But anyways, The Immaculate Eggception is a huge bath bomb that can be broken up into three pieces and be used for three different baths. I used mine all at once since I have a pretty large tub. Here are pictures of my Immaculate Eggception:


COLORS: This bath bomb comes in two colors, yellow and pink. I decided to go for the yellow since I always gravitate towards the pink bath products! Inside each bath bomb is a little bunny or chick! I got the bunny! I think that the pink one has the chick. This bath bomb was fairly easy to break (I used the bottom of a toothbrush).

SMELL: This is a citrus infused bath bomb from the Easter range! I would have to admit that this bath product is the most citrus because the other products are quite sweet. Since I used all of the three pieces, my bath was very very citrus-y! I really enjoyed it.

BATH WATER: My water turned a faint yellow as you probably can tell from the pictures. I was a little disappointed that neither the egg shells or the bunny had some type of effect. The only unique thing about this product is the candy nose on the bunny. Other than that, there was not any glitter, pop rocks, flowers, and so on! I would think as a limited edition product LUSH would add a bit more special effects!

INGREDIENTS: The natural ingredients in this product are grapefruit oil, lemon oil, fair trade vanilla absolute, and gardenia extract. The rest of the ingredients are safe synthetics. This product is not vegan.

Overall, I would recommend this bath bomb for all the citrus, spring lovers out there! The bath bomb really represents the symbols of Easter! I mean who cannot pass up a yellow/pink egg with a little critter inside!? I sure cannot! Here is a post from the LUSH Facebook page showcasing the pink Immaculate Eggception bath bomb:



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