Winter Necessity: Putty For Your Hands

How many of you suffer from dry, itchy winter hands? That would be me… I have severe dry hands when winter strikes. I used to lotion them up night and day but, I found Putty For Your Hands! This is a hand wash soap from LUSH. I got about $7.00 worth of this soap at the LUSH store, which recently closed in SOHO, NYC. Here is the picture of my chunk:



HOW TO USE: Have y’all used any of the LUSH fresh cleansers from LUSH? Well this hand soap works the same. You take a small chunk, put it in the palm of your hand, put some water on it, and then make a paste and clean your hands! Those are the best directions I can offer!

TEXTURE: This soap is wonderful because it is super super moisturizing! LUSH claims that it is a hand wash which has lotion like properties! I have to agree. The product soothes dry hands very well!

SMELL: The smell of this product is quite simple. It does not have a strong scent at all but rather a mellow aroma with hints of chamomile and lavender.

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients that make up this lotion-like-soap for your hands are cornflour, marshmallow mucilage, oats, fair trade shea butter, lavender oil, chamomile blue oil, and a whole lot more! This is one of LUSH’s innovative inventions to soothe irritated hands!

CHUNKS: This product is similar to LUSH soaps in the instance that you can order chunks by your desired price. I really love this system from LUSH. I think it is a great way to allow consumers to try various, luxurious soaps without committing to a set price! I like to buy my soap around $5 dollars. It is the perfect amount and lasts a while!

What products are you using this winter to soother your hands?! Share them in the comments!

P.S. – Easter haul and product reviews on the way!


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