My First LUSH Product: Buffy

I am sure most of you can remember your first LUSH product?! Was it a solid shampoo to try something new and sustainable? Was it a shower jelly to try the unbelievable? Or was it simply a lotion to sooth your irritated skin? Your first LUSH product is a great one. I can still vividly remember walking into LUSH and looking at all the products in confusion… wondering which one I should try! Well that product that I ended up picking was Buffy Body Butter! The pictures below are of my recently used Buffy! Sorry that it is not a picture of a new bar!



THE PERFECT COMBO: Exfoliating and moisturizing in one bar… this is awesome! Buffy is  great for exfoliating problem skin since it has ground beans in it. Other than this quality, Buffy is an awesome moisturizer! It hydrates your skin very very well. The ingredients that adds to this hydrating feature is cocoa and shea butter. If you exfoliate your skin every few weeks, this product is a must because it takes down your shower time, does not have any packaging, and is at a great price!

LITTLE ROUGH: Although, Buffy is pretty rough sometimes; especially during the first few uses! If you are not up for intense exfoliation, this body bar from LUSH might not be the right one for you. Alternatives are You Snap The Whip and King of Skin (which I have already reviewed).

SMELL: The aroma of this product is perfect for calming, warm showers. The many butters in the product make it serene and fresh. The lavender oil in the butter also creates a relaxing feel.

SIZE: Buffy is the only body butter from LUSH that is offered in two different sizes. There is a large size (7 oz.) which lasts about a month in the shower that is $22.95. The smaller size is 3.3 oz. and lasts about two weeks. This one is priced at $11.95. I have owned both sizes. I would start with the small and see how much you like the product and then go on from there! I like to switch up body butters month to month… so I have been purchasing the small size recently! The body butters also last a lot longer if they are protected from water and moisture. Thus, the square tin is a great purchase and can be used for future LUSH products!

INGREDIENTS: I have already mentioned a few of the ingredients in Buffy throughout this post… but here are all of the fresh, cruelty free ingredients: cocoa butter, shea butter, lavender oil, ground rice, ground almonds, ground aduki beans, and lemon oil! This product is seriously packed with some awesome goodies! Plus, it is Vegan!

What do you think about Buffy?! Is it a popular LUSH first?

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