Must Try Bath: Lord of Misrule

The LUSH bath bomb, Lord of Misrule has been out for quite a while now! I believe they first showcased in October for the Halloween collection and then have stayed up until now. I do not believe you can order them anymore on the LUSH USA website. Although, a lot of the LUSH store locations around North America still have them in stock for a short period of time! Lord of Misrule is a MUST try LUSH bath! It honestly is one of my favorite bath bombs.



AROMA: The smell of this bath bomb is phenomenal because it is spicy, sweet, and earthly at once! I love love love the earthy spicy scent. I believe the patchouli in the product makes this mysterious, dark scent! The aroma is also pretty powerful… you can smell it on your skin even when you get out of the bath!

BATH WATER: Lord of Misrule turns your bath water a deep purple (like above). A lot of people say it is like you are bathing in wine! I have to agree… the water is so rich in color and aroma it is a definite treat! Surprisingly, this green bath bomb has an intense center that has purple powder in it! Also, the bubbles in my bath above are not from this bath bomb because I added some bubble bath to the water! I just love my bubbles!

INSPIRATION: This bath bomb is based off of the ruler for the Pagan Feast of Fools. Like I said above, the green layer covers the wine colored center which has popping candies in it that pop and fizz throughout your bath! You can actually hear these candies popping to… it is very similar to eating pop rocks! By the way, you cannot physically feel the pop rocks popping, therefore, it does not hurt! You just can hear them!

LIMITED EDITION: My introduction for this post also talked about how this product first appeared in the LUSH Halloween collection and has been available since. Recently though, LUSH USA just took them off line. Although, many of the LUSH store locations still have a few left! Go stock up (I recently bought five of them at the LUSH on Lexington Ave., NYC)!

INGREDIENTS: This bath bomb has many ingredients that make it truly unique! These are the fair trade vanilla absolute, cream of tartar, popping candy, black pepper oil, patchouli oil, gardenia extract and so much more!

If you have tried Lord of Misrule, share your experience with me! Hopefully, LUSH sees how positive the feedback is for this product and they bring it back permanently!


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