Why LUSH? My Career Goal.

I have been thinking lately, why LUSH? How is LUSH different from other beauty companies? What makes LUSH stand out? Why do I want to work at LUSH? These are all questions that I want to answer in this post right now. I want to stand out and show LUSH how much I appreciate their branding, company, communications, products, social media, views, missions, and so on.


This is the question I get from everyone. They are always curious to know why I picked LUSH to write about. Well here are a few reasons ( I could honestly go on and on when answering this question):

  • Company Values – LUSH changed my view on the entire beauty industry. It has taught me that an individual can make a difference. For instance, I can recycle my LUSH perishables such as pots, boxes, and bags to help the environment.
  • Positive Outlook – Another HUGE factor of LUSH that draws me in is their statement, “happy people making happy products.” I have always been a negative thinker who worries constantly. I day dream about all of the negative things that could happen that day. I am learning to be more positive and LUSH has gotten my back on that track. Going into LUSH stores, liking LUSH social media, reviewing LUSH products, sitting in my bath for hours on end inhaling the aromas of LUSH… those are just a few of the many things that LUSH adds to my life.
  • Acceptance – I also think accepting everyone for who they are is important and right. LUSH companies are full of individuals who have accepted themselves. They accept the facts that they might be different, think differently, have different values or morals. Bottom line is that LUSH supports and values people who know their inner selves and do not change for anyone.
  • The Campaigns – LUSH also has some of the most heart-warming, just, and compelling campaigns I have ever seen a beauty company develop. They want to make a difference not only in enviornmentaly friendly beauty, but also in the world. They want to help people of developing countries who suffer from human right violations. They want to spread the universal right of equality.
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, Fresh, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Fair Trade, etc. – Think of all types of characteristics that define environmentally friendly beauty, mesh all of these qualities together, and you have LUSH! LUSH does not disappoint. Every product they make is cruelty-free, handmade, fresh, and natural. They offer every single ingredient they put in products and even have a LUSHopedia where they further describe ingredients. I am sure many people are like me and want to know what they are putting on their bodies. They do not want a bunch of process chemicals that are tested on poor animals. People want products straight from the earth where local communities and societies harvest the ingredients. Consumers want products that do not harm our earth.. they want products that can make a difference. LUSH can make a difference.
  • LUSH Social Media – LUSH has the best social media presence. They are active on all outlets. Their YouTube channel is phenomenal. I sit and watch LUSH videos almost every night to learn more about the products, campaigns, and employees. LUSH Instagram and Twitter are also real-time and active. I enjoy liking and commenting on each post to provide my personal inputs. LUSH Blog has so many interesting stories that take events and actions from the real world and applies them to LUSH products and values. LUSH Pinterest is dangerous… I could spend almost five hours straight looking at all the pins. LUSH also has a great amount of audience feedback and participation. They offer so many opportunities for one to enter into LUSH competitions with winners receiving LUSH surprise gifts. The social media of LUSH is just so phenomenal.


My dream and goal is to intern and work for LUSH. I want to be a part of the company and cherish each day in the corporate office. The LUSH Communications and PR department is where my interest and dreams lie. I want to learn how LUSH stand out and creates a brand that is irresistible. I want to learn how LUSH stays true to their company values. I want to learn how LUSH creates products that are innovative, fresh, new, unique and healthy. I want to learn how LUSH stays handmade in a world of growing factories. I want to learn how LUSH became so successful and why.

I WANT TO INTERN FOR LUSH! Please share, reblog, comment, and like this blog. Share it with your friends. I want to show LUSH why I would be the perfect intern. I want to be a part of LUSH.


Help me get the attention of the LUSH PR Department and Communication headquarters in NYC. Help me achieve my goal of interning for LUSH! 


7 thoughts on “Why LUSH? My Career Goal.

  1. briannafee says:

    Girl I am totally with on on ALL of this! I’m also a communications student, and as a part of my program I need to complete 240 hours of ‘meaningful communications work’ and I flooded the Lush headquarters in Vancouver asking if they needed/were interested in taking on a communications intern. They never replied to any of my emails, but the dream lives on! I’m hoping once I graduate and gain some experience to work at Lush in PR/Media relations as well 🙂 I wish you all the luck in the world, and if this blog is any indication of your skills and dedication, you’re going to be wildly successful.


    • andypuskar says:

      I am in the same boat… I rarely receive any replies, but I am not giving up! I love LUSH so much and really believe in all of their values that I have to spend some part of my life helping them achieve their objectives! You are so sweet! Thank you so much for this positive comment! I wish you the best of luck too! You never know, maybe one day we will be working in the PR department together!


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