BIG – The Sea Salt Shampoo

Hello all! Sorry I am blogging so late… I moved my entire closet into my new closet and organized my clothes. Lets just say it took forever and ever! But I wanted to review on of the LUSH products I just finished in the shower, the famous, LUSH BIG Shampoo!



GREAT RESULTS: I really enjoy what this shampoo does to my hair. It adds so much body! My hair is naturally wavy so this product boosts the body even more. I would suggest this shampoo for anyone who has natural colored hair for all hair types. I have heard that BIG is not the best shampoo to use when your hair is colored! The BIG solid conditioner from LUSH also boosts your hair’s body!

TEXTURE: This shampoo is honestly just a bunch of salt in a lemon like liquid! It is not smooth when you massage it through your hair but rather quite chunky! The salt does not melt or anything in your hair… so when you rinse it out, you can still feel the salt pieces.

OUCH!: Even though this shampoo does wonders for body, it also has one major down fall, ALL OF THE SALT! You need to watch out where this product goes. Sometimes, my shampoo drips onto my face a bit. BIG did that and it burned so bad… I had to get out of my shower and clean out my eye for 20 minutes. Also, if you have a sore on your scalp it burns pretty bad!

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients in this handmade shampoo are: coarse sea salt, fresh organic lemon infusion, fresh sea water, extra virgin coconut oil and so much more! This is also not a Vegan product from LUSH!

What do you think of this shampoo?! Different, huh?

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