First Experience with The Body Shop!

Hello all! I am back in New York… luckily, the snow has melted and the sun was out today! It is a bummer leaving Houston because I hate saying goodbye to my boyfriend and friends! So to cheer me up, I decided to do a “First Experience” review with The Body Shop! Suprisingly, I have never tried any of The Body Shop products until I learned that LUSH kind-of-sort-of was connected to it. I thought it was worth a try! I got three products in total from a store located in Atlanta, Georgia.

These are the first two products:


The product to the left is the travel or smaller size in the Coconut Body Scrub! I really enjoyed using up this product because it was exfoliating, moisturizing and hydrating! I think it did wonders for my skin in the short time I used it. Also, the smell is PHENOMENAL! I just repurchased another body scrub in the Mango flavor… still not sure if I like it as much as the coconut one!

The product to the right in this picture is the Shea Body Butter. I wanted to get the Coconut scent again, but then decided to try another scent at the last minute! Fortunately, I picked a good scent because I love how simple, calming and fresh this body butter is! I actually have not finished it all yet… but I love it so much I bought a few more in the travel sizes (it was like a gift set that included the coconut, shea, olive, strawberry, mango, and orange scents).

The third item I bought from The Body Shop was the Honey Mania bubble bath melt:


I really enjoy the scent of this product because it is sweet, floral, but fresh at once! The product size is pretty acceptable… there is a lot of bath product in the tub! I really love my bath when I use this product. It creates lots and lots of bubbles. Although, I do not think that I will be repurchasing this product.

Overall, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed these three products from The Body Shop! Since this purchase, I have participated in one of their online sales (you can save so much)! How do you like The Body Shop? What was your first product from there?

8 thoughts on “First Experience with The Body Shop!

  1. drowninmelancholy says:

    Actually, it now came out that the Body Shop is like a branch of L’Oreal.. I was quite shocked, because I thought The Body Shop was one of those cosmetic brands based on natural production. But in fact, it isn’t :/


      • drowninmelancholy says:

        Yeees, me too. I bought a few stuff back then when I didn’t know about that. And I think this is really scandalous, pretending to be natural, just to reach a wider customer area, but in fact using the image of natural brands. that’s really a shame. then, I’d rather buy cosmetics from brands who don’t pretend anything.


  2. The Beauty Deputy says:

    Great review! I also just had a first experience with the body shop. How are lush and the body shop related? Loreal owns the body shop. Loreal actually owns a bunch of companies. Loreal is like their parent company.


    • andypuskar says:

      The founders of LUSH sold some of their product recipes to The Body Shop before they created LUSH. So, to work around this partnership, the founders created a mail order cosmetics company called, Cosmetics-To-Go. After this company faded out, they then created LUSH. So it was a three step process – The Body Shop partnership, Cosmetics-To-Go and then finally, LUSH!


  3. Girl on a Road Bike says:

    Hi Andrea,

    If you like the Shea Butter, try the Cocoa Butter one (if it’s available over there). I don’t buy a lot of Body Shop products but that is a favourite of mine.



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