Latte Lip Tint – The Subtle LUSH Lips

Hello all! It is one of my last days here in Houston, which is a bummer! I have been doing a lot of fun things like tanning, playing golf, eating so much TexMex, and just enjoying the sunny, warm weather in general!  I brought the LUSH lip tint, Latte, with me on this trip since I just wanted to have causal, chill makeup! So, I decided that it was time to review it! Here is a picture of my Latte:



SMELL: I really enjoy the smell of this lip tint. It does not smell terrible like some lip products from drug store brands. To me, this is a fresh, coffee-like scent (obviously)!

COLOR: This makes a perfect bronze color when applied. It is simple and casual. The color really makes a great sun-kissed look! I enjoy putting this on when I am running late, want to be relaxed or if I am just looking for more color to add to my face that is not red or pink!

MOISTURE: Latte is definitely more moisturizing and creamy than the other LUSH lip tint, It Started With a Kiss. It is easy to apply and does not stain your skin. You almost do not need to apply any type of lip balm before using this product!

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this LUSH lip tint are: almond oil, japan wax, organic jojoba oil, fair trade coffee, vanilla absolute and so so so so much more! This product is seriously jam packed with many different fresh and fairly traded LUSH ingredients! Although, this lip tint is not a vegan product from LUSH!

Overall, I recommend this lip product from LUSH because it is a great shade and it is practical! It is a simple every day rose color that moisturizes and hydrates! What do you think about Latte?!


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