King of Skin – A Necessity

Hello all! So I decided to finally blog about on of my all time shower necessities. This is the King of Skin body butter bar! I have actually purchased this bar two times already. Here is a picture of a new King of Skin bar and then a picture of a bar that I have used in one of the LUSH square tins:


MOISTURE: The reason why I love using this product is because of its hydrating qualities! It does not really have any type of seed or fruit to exfoliate the skin. So, the only thing that it really does is hydrate and moistens! It especially works wonders for people who have dry skin throughout the year.

AROMA: The aroma is another positive about this product! I love love love the smell of this product. To me, it is simple, clean, relaxing, smoothing, sweet and everything else!

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients in this body bar are: fair trade cocoa butter, fresh bananas, shea butter, fresh avocado, oatmeal infusion, coconut butter, and so much more! Literally, this product is packed with fresh fruit and butters! That is probably why it is so exfoliating!

Have you tried King of Skin?! Do you think it is a shower necessity?

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