Vanillary – The Sweet Perfume

Hello all! I am actually writing this blog post on an airplane on my way to Houston, TX for Spring Break! I am ecstatic to see my boyfriend, friends, and like always, eat lots of Mexican food! I decided to post about one of LUSH’s most popular perfumes, Vanillary! This is a super super sweet aroma that is perfect and cozy for this wintertime! Here is a picture of my Vanillary spray bottle and the Gorilla Perfume sample sheets (which I thought were adorable):


AROMA: Like I said above, this smell is extremely sweet. Honestly, if you are not a fan of vanilla or sugary scents, this Gorilla Perfume is NOT for you! It is almost as sweet smelling as the Snow Fairy LUSH Christmas scent. I really like the smell though! I have been spraying it on my scarves that I wear because it adds a sweet and comforting aroma to my day!

BOTTLE: I got the 0.3 oz. size, which is like the travel spray bottle. They offer this LUSH Vanillary scent in three different sizes. The size I have, the solid perfume and the larger bottle that is 1 oz. The size I got is the perfect one because I can easily throw it in my bag and spray it on throughout the day.

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients in this LUSH product are: jasmine absolute, vanilla absolute, tonka absolute and much much more.

HOW TO GET: This perfume is available in stores and online. Like I stated above, the scent comes in three different sizes! It is not retiring anytime soon. Around the holidays, they also came out with a Vanillary Gift which included the Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion, Vanillary solid perfume, and finally, the Vanillary perfume.

Have you ever tired this perfume? If so, how do you like the scent?

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