So Many Bath and Retro Goodies – LUSH Haul

Happy St. Patricks day everyone! I recently ordered some LUSH products online because my mother wanted to try some new bath bombs! I also thought that it was time for me to purchase some new bath products! I like to order a few LUSH Retro products when I order online since they are only available there. Here are the products I ordered online:


  • Okra hair conditioner – I was really interested to try this hair product from the LUSH Retro line since I love to eat okra. I am not sure how I like this conditioner yet since I have only used it once! But it honestly is a bit spicy!
  • Rose Queen bath bomb – This was a repurchase for me. I really enjoy taking a bath with this product from time to time because it has a lovely rose smell! I will be doing a review on this one very very soon!
  • Fizzbanger bath bomb – I actually think this will be the first time for me using this bath bomb! My mother really likes it, so I decided to try it also! Apparently, it has a note in the middle of it just like the original LUSH bath bomb, the Blackberry Bomb.
  • Twilight bath bomb – I just used this one in a bath! It was absolutely great! This is the perfect sleepy time bath bomb. Review coming up soon!
  • Bathos bubble bar – This is a bath product from the LUSH Retro collection. I actually enjoyed it. The aroma is quite relaxing and it created tons and tons of bubbles! I will for sure be doing a review on this product soon.
  • Softy bath bomb – This bath bomb is a part of the LUSH Retro collection. I thought that it looked very refreshing and rosy! Surprisingly, it is much larger than Rose Queen! I cannot wait to try out this product!
  • Honey I Washed The Kids Sample – Also in the package, I got a sample of the famous and most popular LUSH soap, Honey I Washed The Kids! I actually have a huge bar of this already! But, samples are always nice.

If you are curious to know what products I ordered my mom… here is a list! I got her: The Lord of Misrule, Phoenix Rising, Rose Jam, Fizzbanger, and the LUSH soap, Sultana of Soap!

Have you tried any of these LUSH products? What is your favorite bath bomb?

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