Light Pink Color Supplement – LUSH

Hello all! I am so excited because I have less than two days until break! I am super thrilled and happy that I am going to Houston. So I will be out of this polar-vortex in New York! So today I wanted to do a recommended review on the Light Pink Color Supplement from LUSH Cosmetics:



COLOR: This is a beautiful light pink color supplement. It matches my face perfectly… I really do not have to do any else when I use this as a foundation. It can be used in many ways. I have seen it mixed with moisturizers to form a BB cream, as a concealer to cover blemishes and finally, the way I use it, as a foundation!

TEXTURE: I love this product also because of the texture. It is not to to to light but also not to heavy! It is the perfect consistency for usage on the face because it is not cake-y but heavy enough to cover blemishes and problem areas.

SKIN TYPE: This is a great color for people who have pink toned skin with rosy cheeks. My skin is quite fair and it blends in nicely. I also do add a powder over my face to set this color supplement! Additionally, it works wonders on my dry skin. I have not encountered any breakouts from this product! The other colors that they offer in their supplements are: Dark Pink, Light Yellow, Dark Yellow, and  Jackie Oats.

INGREDIENTS: Here are some of the ingredients in this product: fresh rose infusion, soya oil and rice bran. Those are the three main ones with the featured ingredient being the fresh rose infusion. These are the same ingredients in all of the LUSH color supplements.

Have you tried any of the LUSH color supplements? If so, how do you use them?

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