Porridge Soap Review

Hello all! Sorry for not posting yesterday. Tuesdays are my busy school days! It is another dreary day here today in New York! I have been using the LUSH Porridge Soap this winter. Here are some pictures of my Porridge soap slice in the packaging and out of the package:


SKIN TYPE: This is great soap because it does not dry out my already dry and sensitive skin. I really enjoy how creamy the soap is. It is almost as creamy as Sultana of Soap without the exfoliating oatmeal.

SMELL: I love the smell of this soap. To me, this aroma is mixed with syrup and honey… it is very very sweet! But, not as sweet as the Honey I Washed The Kids soap from LUSH!

EXFOLIATION: This soap is filled with many oatmeal chunks. It is super super super exfoliating. It almost is a bit TOO scratchy. Although, I like using this soap because it exfoliates my dead skin and moisturizes in one!

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this soap are rapeseed oil, pinhead oatmeal, fresh organic orange juice, sweet orange oil and much more! Like all LUSH soaps, you can get a piece based on the price you want. This piece was around $10 and is a generous size since they last a while!

Here is a picture of me with the large chunk of the Porridge Soap at the Herald Square LUSH store located in NYC:


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