Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

I decided to take a break from reviewing facial moisturizers! I just have one more left, Skin Drink! That will probably be my next post though. Today I wanted to venture to a LUSH shower jelly. Not gel everyone, a JELLY! Here are two pictures of my Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly clear pot:



TEXTURE: This shower jelly feels exactly like a jelly. It is very slippery, smooth and is a solid. I love the idea of this jelly since it is pretty unique and I have never seen any other beauty company create anything like it! I purchased the large 8.5 oz. pot and I have had it FOREVER!

AROMA: The reason why I bought such a large size of this jelly was for the smell. It is one of my all time favorite LUSH aromas! It smells very very sweet with a hint of cherries. For some reason, it reminds me of my childhood! I must of had a lip gloss that smelled similar to this!

USE: So many of you might be thinking how one would use this in a shower. Personally, I take out a decent chunk of the jelly and then blend it in my wash cloth. My sister uses it a completely different way. She takes the entire jelly out of the pot and then just spreads that on her body. I think I am way to chicken to do that afraid I will loose some of the product!  I have also heard of people putting this jelly in the freezer and then using it to cool off in the summer time! I will for sure need to check that out this summer.

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients in this jelly are cherry infusion, coconut infusion, cassis absolute, cypress oil and a lot more! The cherry and coconut smells are definitely the strongest.

FUN FACT: The shower jellies were introduced for LUSH’s 10th Anniversary in 2005. They have had a bunch around different times. The three available online right now are Whoosh, Sweetie Pie and a retro one, Party On. I have also seen some limited edition, retro ones come out around Halloween (I think one is called Ghost?). I found a great LUSH blog post that talks about this which you can find here.

Have you tried any of the LUSH shower jellies yet?! How do you use them?!


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