Breath of Fresh Air Toner

To continue with the cleanser theme… I wanted to review the Breath of Fresh Air toner from LUSH! This is a great toner… I think LUSH has three different toners one can choose from. These are Tea Tree toner, Breath of Fresh Air and Eau Roma Water toner. I have been using my toner for quite a while now and just purchased the Eau Roma Water (you will see it in a haul coming up!) Here is the lovely Breath of Fresh Air:



SKIN TYPE: This is a fantastic toner for all skin types. It does help with damaged skin though… I like using this in the winter because it helps to refresh and rehydrate my super dry skin!

SMELL: I love the aroma of this toner. It is very light and airy. To me, it smells like rose water with a hint of salt! I think LUSH actually says that it is a seaweed and rose water mixture!

FEEL: I love how light this is on the skin. It is not chemical-y at all but rather super light and fresh. It actually really hydrates your face! You can feel that immediately once it is sprayed.

INGREDIENTS: The fresh ingredients in this toner are aloe vera gel, spring water, fresh sea water, rose absolute, patchouli oil and much more! This is basically the perfect seawater toner! The aloe vera helps with damaged skin such as dryness, cuts, etc.

USAGE: I have had this toner FOREVER. This was actually one of my first facial LUSH products. I did not use it a lot but recently I have used it almost daily! It is very refreshing. Remember, a little goes a long way like with most LUSH products!

Overall, I would recommend this toner to anyone who deals with damaged skin or anyone who loves the sea! It is a great refreshing toner which helps to balance the skin with the aloe vera gel and seawater.

P.S. – I am curious to try Herbalism! I have never used it or even sampled it before! What do y’all think about it? Does anyone use it?!

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 7.23.16 PM


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