Coalface Cleanser

Hello all! So I want to continue with the facial cleanser trend at LUSH! I have already done a few posts about the facial cleansers and moisturizers I use. Today… I though it would be nice to review Coalface facial cleanser:



SKIN TYPE: This facial cleanser is best for acne prone and oily skin! Although… my skin is dry and has some problem areas and I use this sparingly! When I have major break outs one week or am suffering from extreme redness I use Coalface. This facial cleanser has a gentle smell and is not to strong at all! 

PRESERVATIVE-FREE: It is also nice that this bar does not have any preservatives! Less packaging the better right?! To use this product, you just rub it in your hands with some water and then put it on your face! This product is also Vegan. 

INGREDIENTS: Like I say in every LUSH post… this product has fresh ingredients! Here are some: sandalwood oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, powdered charcoal and much much more. 

So I would only suggest this cleanser for oily skin types and people who have problem areas! It is a lovely facial cleanser though… Surprisingly, this was my first face product I used from LUSH! They sent me a sample of it and I went and bought a whole bar the next day! Here is a little social media post from LUSH’s Facebook Page about their facial cleanser era:

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 5.38.33 PM

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