American Cream Conditioner

How many of you LUSHies out there use hair products from LUSH? How about their phenomenal conditioners? All of the LUSH conditioners are staples of mine. They hydrate, clean and leave your hair feeling brand new! I have been using American Cream lately in my shower!

Here are pictures of my American Cream:



SMELL: this product has a unique smell. When I smell it, I immediately think of my first experience with LUSH. American Cream was one of the first hair products I used from them. To me, it smells like heavy vanilla cream with a whiff of strawberries. I LOVE it! Your hair smells exactly like the conditioner after taking a shower.

FRESH INGREDIENTS: This product has many many fresh ingredients in it. You can tell the product is natural because it is not a synthetic color and has a thick consistency. American Cream is much much thicker than most LUSH conditioners. The fresh ingredients in this product are: Honey Water, Vanilla Pod Infusion, Fresh Oranges, Fresh Strawberries, Vanilla Absolute, Lavender Oil and many more!

HAIR TYPES: According to LUSH, this conditioner is suitable for all hair types. I have to agree. I have natural wavy blonde hair and this does wonders for me! It really makes my hair super super soft and feel very fresh after a shower.

TANGLY: The only downfall of this conditioner is that it makes my hair super ratty. It is really hard to brush out after I take a shower. In fact, it is so bad that I have to use a de-tangler… No fun at all! But the effects of the product are worth it.

YEAR-ROUND: This conditioner is available all year round from LUSH. It is not a part of a holiday collection or limited edition! This bottle is actually my second of American Cream. I repurchased the 8.4 fl. oz. size. It is the perfect amount because I love to switch up my conditioners. Remember with all LUSH products, a little goes a long way!

What conditioners are you using in your shower this month?! P.S. – I just smelled American Cream again because I CANNOT get enough of the awesome goodness!

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