Valentine’s LUSH Haul

Can anyone guess what this post is going to consist of?! Well it will include a haul, LUSH and Valentine’s goodies! A LUSH Valentine’s Haul! I ordered my valentine stuff in the mail since none of the stores in the U.S. were carrying the products yet (they are now though).

So this is the goodie box that came in the mail:



I love the LUHS boxes. The tape is phenomenal and so personalized… it is great advertising for their Fighting Animal Testing campaign.

These are the products that were inside:



  • Back for Breakfast shower gel – this is actually a part of the LUSH Retro collection… every time I order something online from LUSH I try to get something from the Retro collection! I am super excited to use this in my shower!
  • The Kiss lip gloss – what an awesome lip product for Valentines Day! It is super creamy and has a shimmer in it.
  • Prince Charming shower gel – if you cannot tell by now… LUSH shower gels are my favorite! This is a great fruit scent to spruce up your Valentines Day!
  • Neon Love soap – I am also in love with LUSH soap… this is another addition to my soap collection! I like the smell of this one (very similar to Prince Charming).
  • Love Locket bath bomb – this is HUGE! It is almost bigger than my hand. I cannot wait to try this in my next bath! I will need to use a roller pin or something like that to break it in half! I want to see what is inside.

I have already tried a majority of these products.. so I will be attempting to get all the reviews up before they are sold out in stores! I also went to the LUSH Spa yesterday in NYC and had a BLAST! If you are in the NYC area or in the Northeast check out their Facebook page. It is a must experience for all LUSHies out there!

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s LUSH Haul

  1. blushingbiddies says:

    I -really- wanted to try the Back for Breakfast shower gel, it’s definitely on my wishlist. And I actually love the smell of Neon Love soap more than the Prince Charming shower gel- but darn my skin not liking Lush soaps D:


  2. andypuskar says:

    Yes it is really great! Very lemon zesty! I agree… the smell of both the Neon Love soap and the Prince Charming shower gel are a bit off to me. I like them but at the same time I am not a huge fan!


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