Mr.Punch Soap

For my second post today I would like to post about a LUSH holiday product! This one is called Mr.Punch soap! Unfortunately, it is not avaliable anymore because it was a limited edition holiday product. I am sure that it will be back though for next Christmas! How many of you have tried this soap?!

Here is an image of mine (I used it a few times before taking this picture):




  • Great scent – I love the dark-fruity scent of this soap. It has a great punch-y feel! The color is a beautiful deep purple with various chunks of soap pieces in it! I have some green, yellow and orange pieces on the top of mine! The big soap shape is a large punch bowl! It is pretty unique!
  • Decent lather – this soap actually lathers pretty well for LUSH’s soaps. It had a good amount of bubbles with a smoothing texture.
  • Real fruit – I could tell this product had actual fruit in it because a whole berry was logged into my soap! I was using it and suddenly a berry popped out!


  • Nothing Interesting – honestly there is not a lot to remember about this soap… it has a great aroma and lather but there is nothing extremely unique! I wish there was more to the soap! Maybe glitter or luster or something!

If you want to learn more about this soap and watch how it was made, you can visit a LUSH USA blog post here. This was a unique holiday soap but definitely not my absolute favorite! What was your favorite holiday soap?

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