Angel’s Delight Soap

How many of you out there love LOVE LOVE LUSH?! Probably most of you looking at this post huh… well I have a treat for you! One of the greatest soap reviews over one of the coolest LUSH holiday products, Angel’s Delight! This is such a beautiful soap… so beautiful that for the first time ever in one of my LUSH Soap posts, I will be showing a picture of the huge soap bar!

Here is the whole Angel’s Delight soap (photo credit from here aka – LUSH UK):



Here is the chunk I picked out (can anyone guess where it is from on the soap?!):




  • Awesome look – I really enjoy just looking at this soap… it is so so so beautiful! I am a huge fan of all the different colors and textures. First, you have the gold luster moon and inside the ring you have a variation of multi-colored shapes with pink and purple hints! So beautiful…
  • Cool smell – I also enjoy the aroma of this product. To me, it smells like Fruit Roll-Up gummies which remind me so much of my child hood! It is the perfect past time to have in your bath tub.
  • Glitter stars – I ADORE the glitter stars in this soap! It makes bathing ten times more fun! You can kind of see them a bit on the top of the soap in the picture to the right.


  • Little lather – Like I always comment on with most LUSH soap reviews, there is no lather. Jut a tad bit but I would prefer more! I like my soap to bubble up when I use it!

This is a phenomenal holiday LUSH soap! Definitely one of my all time favorite LUSH holiday product and LUSH product in general! I found a great video from LUSH Youtube that y’all can check out here about how they make this gorgeous soap! Unfortunately, this soap is only available around the holiday season but I have high hopes that they will bring it back this year because it has returned for two years now! Let me know if you have tried this soap!

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